Dear Parents,

       I hope you had a blessed Easter with your family! It’s hard to believe that we are now in the month of May and in the liturgical season of Easter, but what does living the spirit of the Easter season mean? Here are three suggestions from, “Be Fearless, Be Joyful, Be Renewed: Living the Spirit of Easter” (www.loyolapress.com).

Live With Joy.  The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus teach us that suffering is transformed through faith in the Risen Christ. With this faith, we are able to hold on to an enduring sense of joy even in the midst of the sadness we experience from the loss of a loved one, a failure to achieve an important goal, or a setback during recovery from an illness.

Live Without Fear.  The Resurrection teaches us that God can overcome anything, even death. When the Risen Christ appears to the women at the tomb and later to his disciples, his first words are “Do not be afraid!” (Mt 28:5). These words speak to our hearts, helping us cope with fear. Our faith allows us to trust that God can overcome our most serious problems.

Live With New Eyes.  Just as the return of spring makes us feel like the whole world is new, the Resurrection of Jesus makes “all things new” (Rev. 21:5).  The Easter spirit is a spirit of renewal that enables us to show up at work with a positive attitude, to renew relationships that have been taken for granted, and to express appreciation and affection to those closest to us. It means to see the world through new eyes—God´s eyes!

We can celebrate our faith by feeding our Easter spirit—embracing joy, living without fear, and seeing the world again—as if for the first time.

--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez


The completed orange re-registration form for the upcoming school year and Registration fee of $475 per student are now past due. Both are required to hold your child’s spot in a class for the upcoming school year.  Please call the office if you have any questions.



Save the date for Friday, May 10 and join us for Family Loteria Night!  $3 to purchase a Loteria card for unlimited play and for a chance to win a prize from the prize table.  $5 for a Loteria card to play to win a $50 Target gift card or $50 Safeway Gift card.  Plus, we’ll have a snack bar with food and beverages. See the attached flyer for ways that you can help at this event.  All proceeds will benefit the 7th grade Caritas Camp trip for October 2019! 



Pending sports registration and uniform payment statements have been going home with your students the last couple of months. New statements will be going home with this week's Que Pasa (5/1/19). Please ensure that your payments are up to date to allow for your child's participation in our sports program next year 2019-2020. Failure to make all payments by June 3rd, 2019 will result in your child's inability to participate in sports next year. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for helping make our sports program a success!



Aztecs! Do you play soccer? Are you interested in coaching?! We are very excited to announce that we will be starting a second-grade soccer team next year! The league is not part of CYO, as they do not begin team play until third grade, but we firmly believe that exposing our students to sports at an earlier age can only be beneficial! Please contact our Athletic Director Jim Sanchez at 415-722-3999 if you are interested in helping out! 



There will be no BVCC after school services available on Thursday, June 6 (12:30 Dismissal) and Friday, June 7 (10:00 Dismissal).

The Computer lab will also be closed on Wednesday, June 5 and Thursday, June 6 (both 12:30 Dismissal days); and Friday, June 7 (10:00 Dismissal).




Homeroom teachers identify Students of the Month at the end of each month.  We celebrate these students because they have exemplified living the St. Peter’s KEYS:

Knowledge feeds GROWTH. 

Every ACCOMPLISHMENT needs courage.

You are LOVE.



KINDER - Tiffany Escobar is kind, responsible and a self-motivated learner. She comes to school with a smile on her face and shows excitement for learning. She enjoys writing, learning about God and leading a prayer. Tiffany works hard not only herself, but to help her peers as well. She has the KEYS to embrace new experiences with an open heart and open mind. For all those reasons and more, Tiffany is April's student of the month.


1A - Hilary Benitez is an excellent example of a student living out St. Peter's KEYS. Hilary always practices kindness by treating others as she would like to be treated. She shows love through her patience for others and her ability to forgive, even when it is difficult. Hilary also shows how much she loves to grow her brain by coming to school ready to learn and always trying her best. For these reasons, I am very happy to announce Hilary as first grade's student of the month.


2A - Layla Diaz is our student of the month! Layla tries her best and does not shy away from a challenge. Layla is peaceful and helps others with conflict resolution. Her family really supports her and helps her to succeed. Second graders know they can go to Layla if they need help. Thanks, Layla!   


3A - Isabella Coreas is a hard worker that focuses on her classwork and homework.  She is a responsible student and offers to help other students regularly.  When she finishes her class assignments she frequently asks if she can help by doing jobs in the room.  Keep up your Growth Mindset, it will serve you well, congratulations! 


4A - Gizzele Johnson has worked hard in the classroom all year long. She strives to reach her goals, and works diligently master each skill. She believes in herself and she believes in her classmates! She has also grown as a bucket filler, respecting classmates and teachers. Gizzele has an awesome imagination, and has built confidence public speaking this year. As a class ambassador, she provides a welcoming smile to all our guests. Congratulations, Gizzele!


5A - Karen Hernandez Gallardo is always open to new challenges, which is why she’s made huge academic growth in her STAR scores. Her scores have already gone up by 2 grade levels this year! Even more importantly, she shares her gifts with the school community by welcoming others with a kind spirit, respecting all school rules, and helping others. Congratulations Karen!  


6A - Brenda Hernandez has been a wonderful example of a student with the KEYS this year.  She has the keys to grow as she faces challenges with positivity and faith, she has the keys to love as she shows appreciation for what others do, and she has the keys to unite as she supports and encourages others.  Thank you, Brenda, for your courage while facing challenges and sharing your talents and ideas this school year! 


7A - Angela Miranda is a student who truly lives out St. Peter's School's KEYS.  She is thoughtful, creative, kind, and courageous. And it is for these reasons why she is 7A's Student of the Month.  Good job Angela! 


8A - Santiago Santes has been diligent and consistent in completing his work well, and on time. He is respectful towards his peers and teachers alike, and is a reliable classmate and friend. 


8B - Matthew Jimenez demonstrates critical thinking and optimism when confronted with new challenges. He is trying his best to GROW both mentally and spiritually. His work in student council has SERVED our school and he is committed to making his community a better place for others. His teachers are certain that he will continue to ACCOMPLISH great things as he ventures away from St. Peter's and on to Lowell High School. 



KINDER - I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! This week, students are learning about working together in groups. We will sing "When We Work Together" and read What's the Big Idea, Molly? The story is about a mouse who works with her friends on a project. After, students will write their own stories that will have characters talking to one another. Students will work in pairs to complete this task. In Math, we will learn to name cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres.


1A - Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! This week, we are reading, writing, and learning about how things get built. In religion, we are thanking God for all of the gifts he has given us. In science, we are continuing our study of sound. In social studies, we are continuing work on our mapping skills.


2A – We are reading King Midas and the Golden Touch--lots of poetry!  We are learning about multiplication by creating arrays in math (twos, fives, and tens).  We will check on our seeds in the garden and learn about rocks in science.  We continue learning mass responses and saying prayers for loved ones. 


3A – Welcome back from Easter vacation. I hope it was restful. I am also hopeful that the students worked on their tablets to complete the 20-minute daily requirement that was an integral part of their homework during our vacation.  This week in Reading, we will complete our unit on the chapter book, Addie's One Wish to the Brightest Star. We are preparing questions to ask author Gloria St. Joy when she visits our classroom to discuss her book.  In Math class, we are beginning our unit on geometry. We will also learn about lines, rays and line segments. 


4A - Welcome back to School! We are back into the swing of things! In Religion, we will be learning about the Easter Season as well as beginning our Unit on Mary, during the month of May. In Math, we will continue with fractions. We will focus on adding and subtracting fractions. We will be spiral-reviewing for our next STAR Testing day. In Reading, we will begin novel reading groups. We will focus on a group novel and work to answer comprehension questions based on our novels. In Social Studies, we will be listening to our Mission Project presentations. Our Mission Writing and Project was due yesterday--Tuesday, April 30. In Science, we will continue to focus on the planets and solar system. 


5A – Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration and relaxing week with family. 5th grade will be easing back into the school routine this week. In math, we’ll review the addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers. In ELA, we’ll be diagramming the plot structure of Harry Potter. Students will also be finishing and presenting their math pizza fraction projects this week! Check Class Dojo for more updates and photos! 


6A  Religion – Students will be reading about witnesses to Jesus' resurrection to celebrate the Easter season. Language Arts –Welcome back and I hope everyone had a restful Easter Break. 6A has finished the novel Tuck Everlasting and will work on two culminating projects this week: creating a Ferris wheel to represent the stages of their lives and writing a literary response essay, analyzing the theme of the novel. Students will learn to state a clear thesis statement and support their claim using evidence from the text.   Math – 6A will find the areas and missing dimensions of triangles.  Social Studies – Students are researching Greek gods and goddesses and will begin a group board game for our Ancient Greece Unit.  Science – 6A will discuss what causes seasons.


7A   Religion -  7A will define almsgiving and learn how giving alms and imitating Christ can help us grow in certain virtues. Language Arts - Students are continuing with their nonfiction unit, specifically focusing on text structures and text characteristics. Math – 7A will find the area of circles.   Social Studies – Students are continuing their research of the First American Civilizations: Olmec, Maya, Inca, and Aztec.  Science – Students have completed their work on genetic disorders and now it's time to discuss the systems that make up the human organism.


8A/8B   Religion - This week students will be comparing different accounts of the Resurrection of Christ!  Language Arts - Students are finishing reading the last parts of Romeo and Juliet and are completing a culminating assignment for the play.   Math – Students will find the volume of cylinders.   Social Studies – Students are researching inventions of the 1800s that led to changes in the United States before the Civil War.   Science - Students are building their mousetrap car! This is the final project of their time here at Saint Peter's! Good luck!



May 2        Free Dress for No Tardies in April

May 2        USF Tutoring Field Trip

May 2        6:00 PM, 8th Grade Confirmation Rehearsal at St. Peter’s Church

May 4        10:00 AM, 8th Grade Confirmation at St. Mary’s Cathedral 

May 6-17   Final STAR Testing Window

May 8        8:30 AM, May Crowning Prayer Service and Student Council Officer Installation

May 9        Ice Cream Field Trip to Garfield Park (Summer  Learning Challenge Prize)

May 10      4A Field Trip to the Exploratorium

May 10      5:00-7:00 PM, Family Loteria Night