Open Hearts, Open Minds

St. Peter’s Catholic School, a vital ministry of St. Peter's Parish, has been educating the children of the Mission district since 1878. We are a school rich in faith and love, a place where every student and every parent feels part of the St. Peter’s Catholic School family—nurtured and safe, engaged and supported. Our mission is to inspire our students to reach their highest academic potential and cultivate their passion for serving others.

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The Sisters of Mercy

St. Peter's was founded by the Sisters of Mercy, and we continued to be inspired by their strong spirit, compassion, and commitment to excellence.

The Sisters of Mercy serve the most marginalized people in our society, working to eliminate poverty, alleviate suffering, and combat injustice. Their tradition of compassionate service has endured for almost two centuries, changing the lives of millions of men, women and children along the way.

At St. Peter’s, we care for the whole child, and the solid foundation we provide for our students lasts a lifetime.
— Sister Marian Rose Power, RSM—Former Principal and Development Director

about the school

In keeping with the founding mission of our school, St. Peter’s serves a predominantly immigrant student population from the Mission District neighborhood, while welcoming students of every race, ethnic origin, and religious belief.

The school campus is located in the heart of the Mission and is a vital part of St. Peter’s Catholic Parish and the Archdiocese of San Francisco. 

We are led by Sandra Jimenez (Principal), Ria Fresnoza (Director of Academics), and Ryan Suárez (Director of School Culture and Community Life), educators with decades of experience in shaping young minds and future leaders.

We strive to keep tuition affordable for all families, and generous assistance is available through scholarships, grants, and financial aid.

We have over 250 bright, eager and compassionate students in our elementary and middle schools (K-8th grade).

We are fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). We are also a part of the Archdiocese of San Francisco Catholic Schools.

Our school has 11 certified, award-winning faculty members, as well as additional instructional aides in grades K-2. Catapult Learning provides additional, small-group instructional support for language arts and math.

Our Approach

Combining deep-rooted traditions and current best practices, our holistic approach gives children the tools they need to be successful in our modern world. We empower each child to become a critical thinker and responsible member of the community, working in partnership with parents who are the first teachers of their children. In order to ensure that every child can get a St. Peter’s education no matter their family’s financial circumstances, we keep tuition low and offer generous support.

Our Rigorous Program      

Our holistic program is academically rigorous, and we incorporate the latest educational methods as we prepare our students to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Strong faith foundation to nurture each child’s spiritual growth

Professional culture of teacher excellence and collaboration to meet the needs of all students

Cross-curriculum emphasis on making sure students have excellent communication skills: reading and writing, speaking and listening

Programs to provide additional support to English-language learners

Robust Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiatives in all grades

Strong partnerships with local educational institutions like the University of San Francisco for tutoring programs, art & engineering classes, high school application workshops

Our results 

When students leave the St. Peter’s family, they are ready to thrive well beyond our walls. Our alumni are now serving the world as teachers, doctors, CEOs, civic leaders and more.

St. Peter’s students go on to San Francisco’s most respected high schools including Archbishop Riordan High School, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, St. Ignatius College Prep, Mercy High School, Immaculate Conception Academy, Lowell, and Leadership.

St. Peter’s teaches me to strive to become better in mind, body, and spirit. The staff treats me like a family and there is so much love and care for all the students.
— Orlando, Class of 2016