QUE PASA 3/7/2018 (English)

Dear Parents,

       As parents, we strive to be role models of open hearts and open minds for our children.  Here at school, we encourage each other to develop a growth mindset and live our St. Peter’s School KEYS so that we can open our hearts and minds.  Lent pushes us to dig out of our souls all the things that have clogged our hearts, the little sins that we clench in our fists, keeping us from opening our hands, hearts, and minds freely. God is offering to not only lift the burden from our shoulders, but also to help in rebalancing our load in the future. Tossing those small bad habits, pushing aside bitterness and resentment so that we might love God with our whole heart, and with all our strength.


What is weighing you down? How might you prayerfully sort through what takes up room in your heart and mind? What habits and grudges can be cleared out, left behind?

God, take away what clutters our hearts, feed us with your Word, so that we might have the strength and freedom to love you with all our hearts, all our souls, all our being.


(Adapted from Daily Reflections for Lent: Not By Bread Alone 2018)


--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez



We appreciate all families who turned in all their fundraising money on time! Thank you to all the parents who helped with the Aztec Trek. Despite the rain last Friday, we continued with the walk-a-thon and games at school.


Congratulations to our individual fundraising winners!

1st place – Rio Rangel, KA

2nd place – (Tied) Isaac and Dominic Leonor, 3A and KA

3rd place – Diego Diaz, 5A


Congratulations to our AZTEC TREK Class winners!

1st place – 4A

2nd place – KA

3rd place – 3A



If you’d like to join the Community Builders parent group in planning events, or join another parent group—including our Madrinas/Padrinos, Campus Care, or Sports Committee—please contact Mrs. Jimenez or Mr. Suarez.  The success of these groups makes our school community stronger, and this depends on our helpful parent volunteers!



If you have not done so already, please return the bright orange re-registration form to school.  The form and new tuition rates are also available on the school website, www.stpeterssf.org.  In order to reserve your child’s space for the next school year, the registration fee of $450 per student is due by March 28.



The application process for the Archdiocese Family Grant for the 2018-2019 school year has begun.  Please go on to mytads.com to begin the application process. Be sure you have your 2017 income tax information or 2017 income information (Calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.).



New students entering for the 2018-2019 school year must complete the BASIC Fund Application no later than March 16, 2018.

Renewal families will be filling out their BASIC Fund Renewal Application in March and April.  All student accounts must be current with no past due balances. Please be sure you have your 2017 income tax information or 2017 income information (Calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.).  Please contact the school office if you have any questions.

An update from the BASIC Fund: The BASIC Fund will increase the maximum scholarship amount from $1600 to $2000.  This means that the deadlines for applications will be especially important, so please submit applications for new siblings by the BASIC Fund deadline.



Registration is open for BVCC Spring Camp, which will be held from Monday, April 2 – Friday, April 6.  Registration forms are available in the school office and after school at BVCC in the Parish Hall.



In order to be a volunteer at school events (such as a field trip chaperone or a sports team coach), adults must complete the online training on www.virtusonline.org.

*If you have already completed the online training by Shield the Vulnerable, your volunteer clearance is still good for 3 years from date of completion of that online course.


Follow these directions to complete the VIRTUS online training:

·       Go to www.virtusonline.org

·       Click on “First-time Registrant”

·       Click on “Begin the registration process”

·       Select San Francisco (Archdiocese)

·       Create a User ID and Password for yourself

·       Fill out the requested personal information

·       Select St. Peter Elementary (San Francisco)  **DO NOT SELECT St. Peter Parish**

·       Provide your digital signatures for downloading and reading the documents: “Standards of Conduct for Those Working with Children and Young People” and “Policies and Procedures Regarding Child Abuse”

·       Select the online course “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” (Online Training)

·       Once you’ve completed the course, go to your Toolbox and click on “Training Report” to verify the completion of your course.

Upon completion of the online course, please email sjimenez@sanpedro.org or print out the “Training Report” page and submit it to the school office.  You will receive 3 parent hours.




CUSTODIAN -- Full-time or Part-time position available.  Must have flexibility with weekends and late afternoon shifts.  HOUSEKEEPER -- On-call, weekdays or weekends.  Both jobs are located at Mercy Convent (2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame).  If interested, please leave your name and phone number at the school office for Sister Marian Rose, or call the school office at 415-647-8662.




KINDER - This week, we will continue to work on completing our "stations of the cross" booklet and our animal report. Also, we will learn how to write questions and answers about where animals live. Afterwards, we will focus on independent writing and work on our math facts. I will send home math facts flashcards for students to practice at home. Please help your child to quickly identify basic math facts. It is very important that your child works with this at home as we are approaching the end of Kindergarten. Lastly, I want to remind you that there is no school this Friday. Thanks for all the support!


1A - This week in first grade we are reading and learning about how people work with animals. We are focusing on the long /e/ sound with the -y and -ey spelling patterns. In religion we are continuing to celebrate the Lenten season. In math we are continuing with our unit on geometry. In science we are continuing our study of air and wind. In social studies we are beginning our unit on occupations.


2A - Second graders will make their First Reconciliation on Wednesday, 3/7/18 at 6 p.m. in St. Peter's Church! Please talk to your child so they are not anxious. Second grade will be reading “The Woodcutter's Gift” and “The Art Project.” We are reading and making our own graphs in math. We are learning about local government. We continue to talk about the Lenten season and small acts of kindness. We will explore sand and clay in science.


3A – 3A is finishing the unit on Geography and beginning the unit on the Rainforest. In Reading, we will begin the chapter book, Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater. In Language class, we will begin our study of different types of nouns including common, proper, singular, plural, singular possessive and plural possessive. We are also beginning to learn cursive writing. Our handwriting text called "Writing Our Catholic Faith" has many lessons that are related to our Religion class in the third grade.


5A - In math this week, 5th graders are learning about prime and composite numbers. 5th graders will also continue reading A Wrinkle in Time and learning about the causes of the American Revolutionary War in social studies.


6A   Religion – 6th Graders are sharing how each Station in the Stations of the Cross encourages them to live out their faith.  Language Arts – We are beginning our exploration of poetry and will concentrate on identifying and interpreting different types of figurative language, such as metaphors, idioms, and hyperboles. We'll draw visuals to distinguish between their figurative and literal meanings.   Math - This week we are studying equivalent expressions using the distributive property.   Social Studies – 6th Grade Social Studies will read about the Tower of Babel and will participate in a STEM tower of Babel challenge. 


7A/7B   Religion - In groups the 7th graders are interpreting different parables and how they teach us about the kingdom of heaven.  Then they will be creating their own parables in modern-day form.  Language Arts - Students are continuing their Nonfiction Unit with the focus on Author's Purpose. They are understanding and applying the reasons why authors write: to persuade, to inform and to entertain.   Math - We are on the final stretch of percents, finding simple and compound interest, and reviewing all things percent.   Social Studies - 7th Graders will be recording and playing their Renaissance Video Project.   Science - Students are continuing to absorb heredity vocabulary as they prepare to dig into their unit on genetics.


8A   Religion - 8th Graders will be reading about different Lenten stories in the four Gospels and comparing the Gospel accounts as witnesses to Christ's life before his death and resurrection.  Language Arts - Students are well into Act 1 of the play Zoot Suit. The overarching themes of Culture Clash and Racial Discrimination the Chicanos faced during the 1940's are stirring up lively discussions. Students are finding similarities of past and current examples in their own society. They are continuing to record their thoughts of tone and mood in their Reporter's Notebook.  Math - 8th graders will be analyzing the slope intercept form and linear equations in problem-solving situations and graphing them case by case.  Social Studies – 8th Graders are beginning to read about the Industrial Age in the United States and the positive and negative effect that industry has on communities.   Science - Students are learning about different types of energy and now begin their journey to protect an egg from gravitational potential and kinetic energy. 




Mar. 7      8:30 AM 3rd and 4th grades Reconciliation

Mar. 7      6:00 PM 2nd grade First Reconciliation

Mar. 8      Free Dress for No Tardies in February

Mar. 9      NO SCHOOL (Faculty and Staff Retreat Day)

Mar.13     8:15 AM School Mass

Mar. 14    8:30 AM 5th and 6th grades Reconciliation