QUE PASA 3/28/2018 (English)

Dear Parents,

       Throughout Lent, I have spoken to the children about how God the Father is like a Good Shepherd, and we are the sheep in his care.  Now that we find ourselves in Holy Week, I hope your journey through Lent has brought you and your family closer to God, and that together, you can share the love that our Good Shepherd has shown us.  Remember Jesus’ gift of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, and the ultimate sacrifice he made for us on Good Friday so that our sins could be forgiven. Together, take time to say a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s love as we await Jesus’ resurrection on Easter.

We pray:

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of everlasting life brought about by the resurrection of your son from the dead! This dark night is enlightened by a glimpse of the greatest mystery.  Our minds could never have conceived how you would save us, Lord, nor can we ever fully understand the depths of your love in choosing to do so.  We thank you for all that you have done for us throughout Lent. Now, throughout Easter, grant us the fullness of life.  AMEN.

(Adapted from “The Joy of Lent: Encouragement and Daily Prayers”)


Have a joyous Easter!

--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez




Report cards were sent home yesterday (Tuesday) with your child.  Please make sure you go over the report card with your child, sign it, and return it to school by tomorrow, Thursday, March 29. 



If your child took LifeTouch Spring pictures, please return payment of the pictures that you wish to keep, and return any photos that you do not purchase.



The EASTER TRIDUUM (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday/Easter Sunday) is the most sacred time of the liturgical year. Below is the St. Peter’s Church schedule for the remainder of Holy Week:

Mar. 28  Holy Wednesday -  Confession 4:00-6:00 PM

Mar. 29  Holy Thursday - Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00 PM  (Bilingual)

Mar. 30  Good Friday  -  Morning Prayer 8:00 AM (Spanish)

Stations of the Cross 10:00 AM (Spanish)

Solemn Liturgy with Communion 12:00 PM (English) and 7:00 PM (Spanish)

Mar. 31  Holy Saturday  -  Easter Vigil Mass 7:00 PM (Bilingual)

Apr. 1  Easter Sunday  -  9:30 AM (English); 8:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 5:00 PM (Spanish)



If you have not done so already, please return the bright orange re-registration form to school.  The form and new tuition rates are also available on the school website, www.stpeterssf.org.  In order to reserve your child’s space for the next school year, the registration fee of $450 per student is now due.



Below is a link to a brief school survey about the Catholic Identity of our school.  This link was also e-mailed to families via SchoolSpeak.  Your input will assist us in identifying strengths and areas for growth.  Completing this survey will take about 10 minutes.  Thank you in advance for your participation in this very important survey!

Live Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D286WCF




Registration is open for BVCC Spring Camp, which will be held from Monday, April 2 – Friday, April 6.  Registration forms are available in the school office and after school at BVCC in the Parish Hall.



In order to be a volunteer at school events (such as a field trip chaperone or a sports team coach), adults must complete the online training on www.virtusonline.org.

*If you have already completed the online training by Shield the Vulnerable, your volunteer clearance is still good for 3 years from date of completion of that online course.


Follow these directions to complete the VIRTUS online training:

·       Go to www.virtusonline.org

·       Click on “First-time Registrant”

·       Click on “Begin the registration process”

·       Select San Francisco (Archdiocese)

·       Create a User ID and Password for yourself

·       Fill out the requested personal information

·       Select St. Peter Elementary (San Francisco)  **DO NOT SELECT St. Peter Parish**

·       Provide your digital signatures for downloading and reading the documents: “Standards of Conduct for Those Working with Children and Young People” and “Policies and Procedures Regarding Child Abuse”

·       Select the online course “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” (Online Training)

·       Once you’ve completed the course, go to your Toolbox and click on “Training Report” to verify the completion of your course.

Upon completion of the online course, please email sjimenez@sanpedro.org or print out the “Training Report” page and submit it to the school office.  You will receive 3 parent hours.




Homeroom teachers identify Students of the Month at the end of each month.  We celebrate these students because they have exemplified living the St. Peter’s KEYS:

Knowledge feeds GROWTH.

Every ACCOMPLISHMENT needs courage.

You are LOVE.



KINDER - Damian Perez is a role model for the whole class. He shows a willingness to learn new concept and strives to do his best work regardless of the task. He is also excited about learning and always has a positive attitude towards school. It is a pleasure to work with Damian each day and I am delighted to announce that he is our student of the month for March.


1A - Layla Diaz is a kind and caring student. She is very helpful to those around her and is always thinking of others. Layla is a hard worker, who is always looking for a challenge. She takes pride in her work and it shows.  For these reasons I am proud to recognize Layla as first grade's student of the month.


2A - Paola Carranza is our student of the month. She is diligent about her work and she stays focused in the classroom. She always has a smile on her face and is ready to help others.    


3A - Joshua Cortes is a good example of Growth Mindset as he tries his best, and if he doesn't get the result that he feels is correct, he tries again.  He doesn't give up or give in.  Joshua is a success story because his attitude keeps him motivated.  Keep up the Growing and Accomplishing that have made you our 3A Student of the Month!  


4A - Luis Saavedra is a shining example of a student who lives out St. Peter School's KEYS.  Besides being an excellent brother, Luis excels in class.  He understands that "Knowledge feeds GROWTH."  You will often see him preparing and studying for an upcoming test.  He is helpful, respectful, and an overall great person.  Keep up the good work


5A - Aurora Ramirez! Aurora brings so much joy to our 5th grade classroom. She is incredibly compassionate, artistic, and very funny. She puts her full effort into everything she does. Aurora has grown so much this year, especially in math, because she asks questions and keeps trying even when she doesn't understand something the first time.


6A - Gabriel Sembrana has been an incredible support this year to his teachers and his peers.  He is always willing to take the time to help his neighbor.  He has stayed motivated to do his best throughout all of 6th grade and understands the benefits of having a Growth Mindset.  Gabriel's organization, hard work, and kind heart have made him a great example of a 6th grader with the KEYS to Grow, Accomplish, Love, Serve, and Unite!


7A - Nathalee Estrada has grown "exponentially" since this school year has started!  This month Nathalee has shown what it means to be courageous.  She has stepped out of her comfort zone to accomplish some great things.  It is not always easy to take a chance and try to do something that is hard, but that is something that Nathalee has done a lot of this month, both inside and outside of the classroom.  She won't admit it, but Nathalee’s hard work and courage are motivation for us all!  


7B - Anahi Hernandez has a genuine enthusiasm for learning and a love for her community. Through her dedication to her school work and her positivity in all situations, Anahi shows others that not only does she know and understand St. Peter's core values, but that she wants to live them out every day.  


8A - Kevin Cruz Mendoza has shown recognizable growth, love and courage in the way that he approaches class and in his willingness to participate in school-wide activities. He is able to step out of his comfort zone to understand the challenging curriculum, while also enjoying the material covered in class. His kindness and leadership makes him well-liked by his peers and teachers.  




KINDER - This week in Kindergarten, we will review preposition terms. We will discuss the meaning and importance of prepositional words such as on, under, above, in, at, and beside are directional words in relation to an object. It is important for students to know that these words help us understand where something is. In Math, we will continue to talk about measurements. Parents, please continue to help your child with homework. Thank you for everything!


1A - This week in first grade we are reviewing what we have covered so far in ELA. In math we are continuing to practice counting the values of groups of coins. In religion we are celebrating Holy Week and preparing for Easter. In science we are continuing our study on wind. In social studies we continue to talk about and practice the steps we follow in making good decisions. Have a wonderful Easter Break!


2A - Second graders will be determining the author's purpose by reading “Pedal Power” and “My Light.” We continue learning about 2-D shapes in math. We are going to learn about Lady Diana. We continue to talk about the Lenten season and how we can prepare for Easter, pray and give to others. We will make clay beads. Enjoy your spring break!


3A – This is a short week due to Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Please return the report card that you received on Tuesday.  We have several Science units to complete before the end of the school year. These include a unit on the Rainforest, a unit on the bones of the human body and my personal favorite, a unit on owls. In Reading, we begin a new story called “The Story of Z.”  This story teaches us that always wanting to be first and get the best/most is a very selfish way to behave. This is, of course, NOT what the Good Shepherd teaches us.


5A - This week in math, 5th graders will be practicing putting fractions into greater terms. We will also review adverbs and continue practicing our research skills as students begin their "genius hour" projects. In religion, we'll be discussing different culture's traditions for Holy Week.


6A   Religion – Students will be observing Holy Week through prayer and the stories of the Last Supper and Christ's crucifixion.   Language Arts – 6th Grade ELA students have really pushed their writing skills by including figurative language, imagery, and sound devices into their poetry. Our poetry unit will culminate with a final exam this week, which we will prepare for with flashcards, a Jeopardy game, and poetry bingo.   Social Studies – Students will be studying the different type of government in Ancient Greece.  Science – Students will be wrapping up our study of energy transfers by contrasting radiation, conduction, and convection.


7A/7B   Language Arts - Students are finalizing their Nonfiction Unit with the use of Text Features. They will be introduced on how to identify and use the characteristics with a series of activities. Students will also have a brief introduction to their final novel of the school year, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. We will continue after Easter Vacation. “Nothing gold can stay.”   Social Studies – Students will finalize the Renaissance Unit and begin to talk about the First Americans: The Olmec.   Science - Students have now wrapped up their studies of heredity and we are now getting ready to start our genetic disorder project.


8A   Religion – Students will be observing Holy Week through prayer and story.   Language Arts - Students are wrapping up the play Zoot Suit and will participate in a 1940's Dress-Up Presentation and Swing Dance Performance when we return from Easter Vacation. ¡Vamos a bailar el swing!    Social Studies – Students will be learning about the major causes and outcomes of the Mexican American War.   Science - Students have now completed their egg drop project and we protected an impressive 88% of our eggs from a three-story drop! Now it's time to complete our post-lab report.




Mar. 27    Report Cards sent home

Mar. 29    8:30 AM Holy Thursday Prayer Service

Mar. 29    12:30 Dismissal

Mar.30-Apr.8     EASTER VACATION

Apr. 9      Classes resume