Dear Parents,

       We are fast approaching the beginning of Holy Week this coming Sunday, which is Palm Sunday.  At school, children have been preparing their hearts for Jesus’ death and resurrection by receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation, making special donations to the Missions, learning about the Stations of the Cross, and writing special prayers.  Our middle school Service elective class also donated their time at the SF/Marin Food Bank last week.  During your Lenten journey, I pray that you and your family have grown closer to God, and continue to strengthen your faith and service towards God during Holy Week and throughout the year.

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, we enter into Holy Week so that we might accompany you through your passion to your death. We have to remember that your story does not end in sadness. Rather, your story is the greatest love story that we could ever know. Holy Week gives us an opportunity to participate in that love story in a profound and personal way. We pray that you give us a special attentiveness during Holy Week, Lord. Shower us with your grace!  AMEN.

(Adapted from “The Joy of Lent: Encouragement and Daily Prayers”)


--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez




If you’d like to join the Community Builders parent group in planning events, or join another parent group—including our Madrinas/Padrinos, Campus Care, or Sports Committee—please contact Mrs. Jimenez or Mr. Suarez.  The success of these groups makes our school community stronger, and this depends on our helpful parent volunteers!

The next Community Builders Meeting is TONIGHT, Wednesday, March 21 at 5:45 PM in the Faculty Meeting Room.



Attention parents and siblings of St. Peter’s Alumni who are currently in high school!

Please remind your high school son or daughter to check their email for an invitation, “Back to St. Peter’s” for tomorrow, Thursday, March 22 and to RSVP for the event.  We want to make sure that we’re well-prepared with pizza for them to enjoy that afternoon.



Join us for family Mass this PALM SUNDAY, March 25 at 9:30 AM in St. Peter’s Church.  Following mass will be a reception in the parish hall. If you are able to help set up for the reception, please meet in the parish hall at 8:45 AM.  Students who attend in uniform will receive a free dress pass to use on the following Monday.



If you have not done so already, please return the bright orange re-registration form to school.  The form and new tuition rates are also available on the school website, www.stpeterssf.org.  In order to reserve your child’s space for the next school year, the registration fee of $450 per student is due by March 28.



Renewal families will be filling out their BASIC Fund Renewal Application this month.  All student accounts must be current with no past due balances. Please be sure you have your 2017 income tax information or 2017 income information (Calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.).  Please contact the school office if you have any questions.



Below is a link to a brief school survey about the Catholic Identity of our school.  This link was also e-mailed to families via SchoolSpeak.  Your input will assist us in identifying strengths and areas for growth.  Completing this survey will take about 10 minutes.  Thank you in advance for your participation in this very important survey!
Live Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D286WCF



Registration is open for BVCC Spring Camp, which will be held from Monday, April 2 – Friday, April 6.  Registration forms are available in the school office and after school at BVCC in the Parish Hall.



In order to be a volunteer at school events (such as a field trip chaperone or a sports team coach), adults must complete the online training on www.virtusonline.org.

*If you have already completed the online training by Shield the Vulnerable, your volunteer clearance is still good for 3 years from date of completion of that online course.

Follow these directions to complete the VIRTUS online training:

·         Go to www.virtusonline.org

·         Click on “First-time Registrant”

·         Click on “Begin the registration process”

·         Select San Francisco (Archdiocese)

·         Create a User ID and Password for yourself

·         Fill out the requested personal information

·         Select St. Peter Elementary (San Francisco)  **DO NOT SELECT St. Peter Parish**

·         Provide your digital signatures for downloading and reading the documents: “Standards of Conduct for Those Working with Children and Young People” and “Policies and Procedures Regarding Child Abuse”

·         Select the online course “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” (Online Training)

·         Once you’ve completed the course, go to your Toolbox and click on “Training Report” to verify the completion of your course.

Upon completion of the online course, please email sjimenez@sanpedro.org or print out the “Training Report” page and submit it to the school office.  You will receive 3 parent hours.




KINDER - This week in Kindergarten, we will learn about symbols, like our flag, that stand for this country. We will sing "You're a Grand Old Flag" and discuss the colors in the U.S. flag. Afterward, we will work together to make a travel poster. In Math, we will review counting to 100 and discuss about measurements.


1A - This week in first grade we are reading and learning about what we can see in the sky. In phonics we are focusing on the different spellings of the /er/ sound. In religion we are continuing to celebrate the Lenten season. In math we are continuing our unit on money and time. In science we are finishing up our study of pinwheels and beginning our study of wind vanes. In social studies we are talking about the steps we follow in making good decisions.


2A - Second graders will be reading “Visiting the Past” and discussing cause and effect. We are learning about 2-D shapes in math. We are learning about how laws can be changed. We continue to talk about the Lenten season and how we can pray and give to others. In science we will observe rocks in use on the yard.


3A – We have completed our Geography Unit and are busy working on a Rainforest Unit. In Math we are continuing to practice our multiplication and division facts. We are enjoying learning about symmetry and drawing symmetric figures. In Language Arts we have completed our study of alphabetical order to the third letter and are completing Mr. Popper's Penguins. Soon we will show our KNOWLEDGE of this story with a vocabulary and comprehension test. Ask your son or daughter about the Lenten practices that help all of us GROW closer to Jesus. A walk around the Stations of the Cross at church is one of the many ways that we have been showing LOVE during this special time of year. The third quarter is quickly drawing to a close so look for report cards which will be sent home before Easter vacation. Please be sure to sign and return them as soon as possible.


4A - This week 4A students will recognize and use past-tense forms of irregular verbs and use commonly misused verbs correctly; locate, compare, and order fractions on a number line; and describe the role of Spain's missions and why some California Native Americans revolted.


5A - 5th graders will continue working with equivalent fractions in math this week. We will also analyze the motivations of different characters from A Wrinkle in Time as a part of our continuing novel study.


6A   Religion – Students will be comparing the four Gospels and their details of the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem.  Language Arts – 6A continues to unlock the mysteries of poetry. Through identifying poetic devices like alliteration and rhyme scheme and unraveling the hidden themes in different forms of poetry, we are starting to see that poetry isn't so mysterious after all.   Social Studies – Students will be comparing and contrasting the four governments of Ancient Greece.   Science – 6th graders were given the criteria of warming water to exactly 30 degrees Celsius using only materials in our lab and will use engineering principles to design investigations of their own this week.


7A/7B   Language Arts - Students are continuing their Nonfiction Unit with the conclusion of Author's Point-of-View. They will now be introduced to Text Structures, how to identify and apply the characteristics with a series of activities.    Social Studies - 7th Graders will be practicing their outlining skills with the Lesson: The Scientific Revolution.   Science - Students will complete their test on genetics and begin their research project on genetic disorders.


8A   Religion - 8th Graders will be receiving their Lenten Reconciliation.  Language Arts - Students are continuing their reading of Zoot Suit.  As the trial continues for the Pachucos, students will create a Letter of Appeal on behalf of a character in the play. They will use evidence from the text and elements of an appeal.    Social Studies – 8th Graders have been split into expert groups: Researchers of the Northern States and Researchers of the Southern States--to start learning about the Causes leading up to the Civil War.  Science - Students will take their test on energy and complete the second stage of their egg drop project: a drop from the gym stairs!




Mar. 21    5:45 PM Community Builders Parent Meeting in the Faculty Meeting Room

Mar. 21    6:00 PM First Communion Meeting in Church

Mar. 23    End of the 3rd Quarter

Mar. 25    9:30 AM Sunday Family Mass and Reception

Mar. 26    12:30 Dismissal

Mar. 27    8:15 AM School Mass

Mar. 27    Report Cards sent home

Mar. 29    8:30 AM Holy Thursday Prayer Service

Mar. 29    12:30 Dismissal

Mar.30-Apr.8     EASTER VACATION