QUE PASA--10/10/18 (ENGLISH)

Dear Parents,

This past Sunday, October 7th commemorated the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, and the month of October is traditionally the month of the Rosary.


Here is a thoughtful reflection from Living the Rosary by Father John Phalen:

The Rosary starts with Mary’s human experience, and it encourages us to learn from our own.  The Rosary is:

·       Remembering Christ with Mary

·       Learning Christ with Mary

·       Being conformed to Christ with Mary

·       Praying to Christ with Mary

·       Proclaiming Christ with Mary

By looking to Mary, the courageous mother of our Savior, we can open our hearts and minds to God’s presence in our lives, and be models for our own children to live with love, patience, faith, and perseverance, even through the challenging times in our lives.


This also reminds me of how much St. Peter’s students honor Mary as they pass the grotto at school each day.  They make the Sign of the Cross, or stop to say a prayer.  The grotto is definitely a sacred place for our entire school family.

Throughout October, let us look to Mary as a role model of faith and courage, especially during this month of the Rosary and with our KEYS focus for October of “Every ACCOMPLISHMENT needs courage.”

--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez




Our hot cocoa sale continues this week during morning recess—$1.50 to buy a yummy cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows or whipped cream.  Proceeds will benefit the 8th grade retreat fund.


The last day to order the gray athletic sweats is next Wednesday, October 17!  Don’t miss out, or you’ll have to wait until next year to place an order.  Order forms are still available in the school office.



Our school Halloween celebration will take place on Wednesday, October 31 from 1:00-3:00 PM.  We will begin with a costume parade followed by games.  Please see the attached flyers for ways that you can volunteer or donate items.  Your help is appreciated!



We are still collecting the Income Verification Survey.  The information gathered from this survey is CONFIDENTIAL, and is necessary for our school to receive funding for useful services such as reading and math programs that help our children.  If we don’t collect these surveys on time, we could lose this funding!  Please help the school and return your completed survey right away.



St. Peter School’s 140th Anniversary celebration is just one month away!  Join us for a special mass on Sunday, November 4 at 2:30 PM, which will be followed by a reception in the parish hall. If you are available to help with the set-up or clean-up of the event, please contact the school office.  




KINDER - This week in Kindergarten, we will discuss how tools help us to learn. We will read The Handiest Things in the World by Andrew Clemen. We will continue to explore our five senses and work on identifying lower- and upper-case letters. In Math, we will count to tell how many.


1A - This week in first grade we are reading, writing, and discussing the idea of friendship and what it means to be a good friend. In religion we are learning about the different ways we praise God. In math we are continuing to work on addition, using tens frames, number lines, and counting on strategies. In social studies we are learning about how we follow different rules in the classroom, at home, and in the community. 


2A - 2nd Grade will be reading the fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and adding 2-digit numbers with regrouping and subtracting 2-digit numbers without regrouping (practice!). We will talk about God's love and what it means and continue with sacramental preparation.


3A – This is a very exciting week for 3A. Not only did we go to Mass and complete activities about how a farm operates, but also on Thursday, we will go to the Great Peter Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma. We will pick a pumpkin from the field, dig for potatoes, go on a hayride, find our way through a corn maze, climb a hay pyramid, and visit with donkeys, calves, horses and goats. We will play in a corn pit and milk a cow. On Friday, we will write about all of the adventures we experienced at the pumpkin patch and tell about the many things we learned about living on a real farm. Our OPEN HEARTS and OPEN MINDS will help us LOVE and LEARN many new things.


4A – In 4th Grade this week, we will be focusing on our first book report of the year. Using picture books from our school library, we will be using skills of comparing/contrasting and summarizing to discuss our books with our classmates. We will also begin to focus on our new story, "How Tia Lola Came to Stay." In Religion, we will be focusing on the Spiritual Works of Mercy to help spread the good news of Christ and love to our classroom community and to our greater community. In Math, we will continue to focus on addition and subtraction of three and four digit numbers. In Science, we will have our second investigation about soil and discovering what happens when we add solution into our soil. In Social Studies, we will finish up our "Me on the Map" unit and focus on our first unit of California State history. We want to continue to work on our quality work and believing in our growth mindset!


5A - 5th graders will investigate whether salt solutions can be separated in science this week. We will review addition properties and subtraction rules in math, and publish our compare and contrast essays in ELA. Message Ms. Storms if you'd like to help chaperone next week's field trip to the Mission Branch library. As always, check our Class Dojo stories from more information! 


6A   Religion – 6A will be visited by Paula Pardini for their Building Bridges program, and they will continue planning their Veterans Day Service Project.  Language Arts – 6A is making good progress on our new literacy program, LexiaPowerUp, with several students getting streaks of 200-300 problems solved correctly! We continue to look at a story's PLOT structure as we read the classic children's tale, "Riki-Tiki-Tavi."   Math - 6A will multiply decimals by decimals.   Social Studies – Students are exploring the physical geography of Ancient Egypt.  


7A   Religion – 7A is preparing for their retreat coming up on October 22-26!   Language Arts - Students continue to read Walk Two Moons. They are finding the connections to their reading—text-text, text-self, text-world—which furthers their comprehension of the novel's content.   Math - 7A will add and subtract fractions with like denominators.   Social Studies – 7A is taking their Arabia Quest.   Science - Students can now explain where trees acquire their mass. Now it's time to take a look at the form and function of cells.


8A/8B   Religion – This week students will be able to make comparisons between the Eastern and Western churches and make suggestions on how to build bridges between the two today.  Language Arts - Students continue to read Mockingbird and completing assignments related to their reading.   Math - 8th graders will write two-step equations.  Social Studies – 8th graders will be interviewing two community members and will begin identifying which events or conflicts caused the American Revolution.   Science - Students are done exploring what makes up an atom and now it's time to explore how atoms make molecules.




Oct.9-12    8th Grade Hot Cocoa Sale

Oct.11       3A Field trip to Petaluma Pumpkin Patch

Oct.11       Riordan and Mercy High Schools presentation to 8th graders      

Oct.16       School Mass, 8:10 AM

Oct.17       5A Field Trip to Mission Branch Library

Oct.17       LAST DAY to order St. Peter’s Gray Sweats