Que Pasa April 5, 2017

Dear Parents,

As we begin this week of Lent we ask for God to enlighten our minds and sanctify our hearts. In our reflection, Jesus is about to face a fiery furnace, which represents the full rejection of all our sins, and the crushing defeat of death itself. Praying the Stations again, might help us grow in a sense that this is all “for me,” for my freedom. We grow in a sense of repentance and deep sorrow. We grow in a desire to celebrate the glorious Light in the midst of all darkness. Rid yourself of all your sins and make a new heart and a new spirit.

 A reminder that you re-registration forms were due on March 15th to reserve your space with a $100 deposit. Remaining balance is due April 14th.

 Thank you to Mr. Suarez, Mr. Hargarten, Ms. Land Ms. Avila and all the students who did a wonderful job at the STEM Fair on Tuesday.

 We have included the Holy Week Mass schedule for your convenience.


April:  Accomplish

I will always try my best and not give up even when things get difficult.


A St. Peter Student will use prior knowledge to solve problems and continue scaffolding through the acquisition of knowledge.


You should have received your child’s third quarter report card today with the Que Pasa. Please review the report card, sign and return to your child’s teacher.


Every day during Lent there will Mass at St. Peter’s Church at 6:00 PM. On Friday’s there will be Stations of the Cross at 5:30 PM before Mass.


The application process for applying for the Archdiocese Family Grant for 2017-2018 is now accepting applications for next school year (August, 2017-May, 2018). Please go on to mytads.com and select 2017-2018 and be sure you have your 2016 income tax information or 2016 income information (calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.)


In our efforts to get all students to school on time, we will continue to give rewards for the children that are not late to school. If your child has no tardies during the month of March, he/she can have a free dress on April 11th.


The application for the 2017-2018 school year is available for new students.  Please encourage friends, family, and co-workers to stop by the school for a tour and to pick up an application. Student Shadow Days:  Students in Grades 1-7 can spend a day at St. Peter’s to meet teachers and students.  Any day of the week is available, Monday-Friday. Call the office at (415) 647-8662 to arrange a shadow date. If you have a new Kindergartener or know someone who is interested, please call the office to register for the next Morning in Kindergarten on April 3rd.


Adriana Alvarado 3rd             Raul Volteada 6A

Samuel Rodriguez 4th            Diego Tzaj 8A

Justin Abregana-Reyes 5th     Isaias Pineda 8B


In 3rd – Third is doing our Science investigation on live crayfish. You can stop by the elementary science lab to view (but not touch) them.  We are having tests this week on multiplication facts of 0, 1, 2, 3's through 12. i.e. 0x0, 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, 0x4, 0x5, 0x6, etc.

In 4th –This week the fourth grade will identify and use adverbs that modify adjectives and adverbs, identify a variety of author's purposes, such as to inform, influence, express, or entertain, and add fractions with like denominators.

In 5th – In History, we will be continuing our discussion about "The Road to the Revolution" and discussing different points of view about the war for American independence.  In Math this week, we are taking our test on the multiplication and division of fractions and mixed numbers.


Middle School Science: We hosted our first ever STEM Fair on April 4th, 2017!

ELA: 6B We have finished our novel Tuck Everlasting and will be culminating our reading with several projects. Students will be presenting their "Ferris Wheel of Life" a symbol they've created to represent the stages of their lives, a prominent theme in the novel. Students will also be practicing writing a Response to Literature essay, based on the themes of the novel. 7A ELA: We have finished reading our first novel Freak the Mighty and we will be working on a writer's workshop for a literary response essay. Students will be analyzing the theme of the novel and supporting their analysis with evidence from the text.

8th Grade Language Arts: Students are wrapping up the play "Zoot Suit" with a 1940's Dress-Up Presentation and Swing Dance Performance. They have also begun their introduction to "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. 6th Grade Language Arts: Students have ended their unit on Hatchet by creating a Survival Book. This project has allowed them to place themselves in Brian's shoes, choosing items to aid in his survival, now knowing his journey. They have also begun the introduction to their Drama Unit.


April 11th                   Free Dress No Tardies (March)

April 12th                   Lenten Mass 8:30 AM

April 13th                   Minimum Day – Holy Thursday

                                  Prayer Service 8:30 AM

April 14th                   No School – Good Friday

April 16th                   Easter Sunday

April 17th -21st           Easter Vacation