QUE PASA 11/15/2017 (English)

Dear Parents,

       I often comment to myself that there are not enough hours in the day to get through my to-do list.  I imagine this is a common feeling among fellow parents, especially as the holiday season approaches!  But this reflection below (by Barbara Johnson from God Always Has a Plan B), could serve as a reminder to us appreciate the present and all it’s challenges and celebrations, and keep learning, growing, and moving forward!

“What about those of us who’d like to turn back the clock?  Sure, we’d like to be younger and stronger again. More resilient.  But remember Isaiah?  He said to let the past lie.  Look ahead.  Someone has said, ‘Don’t look back.  You’re not going that way.’  It is never too late to spend time on the important things.  This minute is a gift.  That’s why we call it the present.” 

--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez



Throughout November, we continue to learn about saints and pray for loved ones who have passed away.  Ask your child about the saints we have learned about!  We also continue to pray for our veterans and all those who currently serve in our Armed Forces as they work to protect our freedom.  Last week, all children in the school made cards for veterans, and our 6A homeroom teacher Ms. Land delivered them to veterans at the Veterans’ Hospital.  The veterans were appreciative of all the cards and kind words from the students.  I’m so proud of how our children and teachers lived out our core values to love, serve, and unite through this act of kindness!



As the weather gets colder and you bundle up your child, please ensure that he/she follows uniform policy as posted by the school office and stated in the school handbook.  All undershirts, including long-sleeve undershirts, should be white.  If your daughter wears tights, they should be solid black or white and extend to the ankle.  Socks must be black or white.  Boots may not be worn.



This Friday, November 17, your child can retake his/her school photo or take a photo if he/she was absent on the original picture day.  If your child is taking school pictures this Friday, please ensure that he/she is in complete uniform and not in the gray school sweats.



We depend on parent volunteer support throughout the school year! Some upcoming events include our Christmas prayer service and reception and the school family dance.  If you would like to help plan future events and fundraisers, or would like to join one of our parent groups, please contact Mrs. Jimenez at sjimenez@sanpedro.org or leave your name and number at the office.



Please join us for Family Mass this Sunday, November 19 at 9:30 AM.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist together with fellow St. Peter’s families.  Students who attend mass will receive a free dress pass to use on Monday, November 20.



Feel free to make appointments with teachers when you have a question or concern.  Please avoid last-minute morning meeting with teachers, as teachers use this morning time to prepare their materials for the day so that they can best meet your child’s needs.  If you would like a morning meeting, notify the teacher ahead of time by email or by calling the office a day in advance.  We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.



KINDER - This week we will be reading about places we go during the week such as the library. We will engage in discussions with a partner, in small groups and with the whole class. In math, we will begin to work on subtraction. We will use tools such as counters, playdoh, dice, and cubes to help us visualize and subtract.


1A - This week in first grade we are reading and discussing the different places that animals live together. In math we are working on fact families and the relationship between addition and subtraction. In science we are beginning our unit on weather, which will be more fun now that we’re getting some rain. In religion we are continuing our discussion of Baptism and our practicing of The Hail Mary.


2A - We will be reading and learning about the nighttime sky, the sequence of events in stories, telling time to the nearest five minutes (please practice on an analog clock); learning how to pray for the needs of others; and sorting bits and pieces in science. Mark your calendars! First Communion meeting Wednesday, 11/29 at 6 p.m.


3A – We begin reading Molly's Pilgrim this week. It's a Thanksgiving story about modern day immigrants. It also explores prejudice and intolerance. In Religion, we'll continue to learn and read about the saints as we collect facts for our saint projects due at the end of November. The saints, as well as the characters in Molly's Pilgrim, teach us valuable lessons about courage, love and faithfulness.


4A - This week 4A students will recognize that our relationship with God is based on the first three Commandments, understand story characters' behavior and relationships, and subtract whole numbers and money amounts with zeros in the minuend.


5A - 5th grade is celebrating the completion of our first novel study with a The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe themed party this Friday. We're continuing to discuss homophones in grammar and word problems in math.


6A  Religion – 6th Graders will be focusing on their Mercy Promises that they made during their 6th grade retreat and they will be visited by Paula Pardini for Building Bridges.   Language Arts – 6th Graders have had very engaging discussions regarding the history of racism and tolerance in America as we prepared for our first novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. We will begin reading the first few chapters this week, analyzing character development, setting, and conflict.  Social Studies – 6th Graders are completing a Pharaoh Research Project for their Ancient Egypt writing assignment.   Science – 6th grade scientists will continue studying the connection between air pressure and weather by making their own air pressure maps.


7A/7B   Language Arts - Students had a wonderful experience on their Field Trip to Riordan, watching Harvey! They are now finalizing the introduction to their Drama Unit.  They will also participate in opening activities of A Christmas Carol to prepare the reading of the play after Thanksgiving break.   Social Studies –7th Graders are continuing through the achievements of Medieval Chinese Dynasties.   Science - Students are finishing up their mitosis dance presentation as they prepare to test their knowledge at the end of the week.


8A   Religion – 8th Graders are learning the Nicene Creed and will be visited by Paula Pardini for Building Bridges.   Language Arts - Students are beginning the introduction to their next novel, Night, by Elie Wiesel. The opening activities will aid in comprehension of the historical content referenced in the text. Their Woodworking Project is due this Friday, November 17. Students will have an opportunity to share their creations to the class.   Social Studies – 8th graders are memorizing the Preamble and deciding what those words of the Constitution personally mean to them.   Science - Students review their knowledge of naming ionic and covalent compounds as they prepare to test at the end of the week.




Nov. 16          3rd grade field trip to Marian Oaks

Nov. 17          LifeTouch Pictures Re-takes and Make-ups

Nov. 19          9:30 AM Sunday Family Mass

Nov. 21          8:15 AM School Mass

Nov. 22-24    No School—Thanksgiving break

Nov. 29         6:00 PM First Communion Parent Meeting in Church