Third Grade

The third grade focuses on responsibility, first and foremost. In Religion, we receive reconciliation twice a year and continue to emphasize Christian, Catholic values. Academically, we focus on basic math facts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and we also work on our handwriting, both print and cursive. In English Language Arts, the development of reading for pleasure in chapter books is stressed and by the end of the year students' love for books will increase along with vocabulary and comprehension.

Owl Pellet Investigation

Utilizing our FOSS Science program, students learn about owls which culminates in an owl pellet investigation.

Saints Project

Around the time of All Saints Day, students pick a saint and then do research for a presentation about that saint. It's an opportunity for them to learn about the many great people from our Catholic history.

Archaeology in the Presidio

Students travel to the Presidio to explore and act as archeologists, learning about the history of the Presidio and participating in many hands-on activities.

Mrs. Cyndi Gonzalez

Mrs. Cyndi Gonzalez


Mrs. Cyndi Gonzalez has been at St. Peter’s School since 1978 and has taught a variety of grades, from 2nd through 5th. She has also served as the St. Peter's Summer School director and teacher for 13 years. She received her bachelor of arts degree and California teaching credential from San Francisco State University. She was born and raised in San Francisco and is deeply commited to teaching, especially Christian, Catholic values. She has also recently become a Mercy Associate.