Middle School religion at St. Peter's

The Program

In middle school, students have religion class each day.  The courses give students an opportunity to read, learn about, and pray with sacred scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  In addition, the students engage in activities, discussions, and service projects that help them to apply their faith to every day life.  

Each grade level also has an annual retreat.  The sixth grade retreat focuses on the Works of Mercy and the charism and ministry of the Sisters of Mercy in San Francisco and the St. Peter's community.  The seventh grade retreat, in partnership with the Faithful Fools ministry in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, gives students an opportunity to prayerfully experience how they can show mercy in our city.  The eighth grade Confirmation retreat is a three-day overnight retreat at the CYO Retreat Center in Sonoma County in which students better understand their important role in the Body of Christ that is the Catholic Church.  


Middle School Religion Courses

6th grade religion

Sixth-grade religion focuses on the Catholic teachings introduced to us all through the Old Testament of the Bible. Special focus is given to express what Catholics believe, how they worship, how they pray, and how all of this translates into living as a Catholic.

7th grade religion

Seventh-grade religion focuses on the New Testament and the understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus. There are a variety of texts and resources we use, including the Breakthrough Bible for Young Catholics and Blest are We. They study the four Pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Doctrine, worship, morality and prayer. Students work on developing a personal relationship with Christ and in putting their faith into action.

8th grade religion

Eighth-grade religion focuses on the history of the Catholic Church and how it developed its traditions and doctrines. There is also a deep exploration of the guiding principles of Catholic social justice, focusing on how we can serve our own communities. The eighth grade is also a year of sacramental preparation during which students who choose to get confirmed seek a deeper understanding of their Church, its beliefs, and their own role in it.