Middle School Social studies at St. Peter's

The Program

Throughout the three years of middle school social studies, students are exposed to a substantial number of people, places, things, and ideas that have shaped the history of the world. Every unit is explored within the many different social sciences: geography, civics, sociology, history, etc. With a number of hands-on history lessons and projects, the past is mimicked as much as it can be inside a 21st-century classroom.

Students are encouraged to learn the facts and build their knowledge of a subject so that they can form educated, individual, and accountable opinions on the matter at hand. The goal is to then transfer those skills over to their personal lives so that they are able to be informed, honest, responsible, and contributing members of society.



ms. tricia land

Ms. Tricia Land started teaching social studies at St Peter's in the 2016 school year. Ms. Land graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor's degree in social science education with a minor in the Spanish language. She has taught in a variety of different schools: a small public school in central Illinois; a daycare for the children of military men and women on US army bases in Germany and Alaska; and an all-boys school in Memphis, Tennessee. She is now in her fourth year in the Bay Area Catholic Schools. Ms Land uses her time outside of school to visit national parks, monuments, museums, and landmarks to enhance her lessons inside the classroom with real life experiences of the people, places, and things that have shaped our history.


Middle School Social Studies Courses

SIXth grade

We focus on Ancient Civilizations in sixth grade, and students explore the technology, art, belief systems, and lifestyle of the first known civilizations. Students learn the significance of major water sources to ancient civilizations. As they map their way through the textbook using major rivers as their guide through Asia, Africa, and Europe, they strengthen their note taking, discussion, and organizational skills, skills that will allow them to be successful throughout their years in middle school—and beyond.

SEVENth grade

In seventh grade, social studies covers the time of the fall of the Roman Empire to the exploration of the New World. Students weave their way through every continent and explore the culture, lifestyle, government, technology, and religious beliefs of the powerful empires from the Medieval Times. In every unit, students see cultures clashing and influencing each other in both negative and positive ways and get the knowledge needed to move on to eighth grade.

EIGHth grade 

Eighth grade social studies begins with colonization in the New World and lends us many opportunities to explore people, places, and things that have been key contributors to the making of and the history of the United States. Through the study of conflicts and resolutions, tradition and change, rights and responsibilities, students are able to find where they belong in the story, and they begin to decide how they will leave their own mark on history.