QUE PASA--5/29/2019 (English)

Dear Parents,

       The 8th graders are taking their final steps towards GRADUATION!  We proudly share in their accomplishments as we—their families and teachers—have helped them to lay the foundation for their future.  When we celebrate their graduation, don’t forget to celebrate us as a whole school community as well!

Let us offer this prayer for our soon-to-be graduates:

       Loving God, we thank you for our graduates. You have   

       blessed them during their years at St. Peter’s School with

       wisdom, friendships, and skills. Continue to challenge

       them to make this world a better place because of their

       education. Help them to look forward to their next steps in

       high school. Give them faith and a sense of purpose in

       their next steps. Show them how to serve others in

       effective ways.  May they be aware in everything they do

       that they find fulfillment in doing your will, that you will

       be with them always, and that you will bring to

       completion the good work you have begun in them.




--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez


This Friday, May 31, we will honor our 8th graders with a graduation mass at 9:30 AM in church.  You are welcome to join in this special mass.  Students in grades Kinder through 7th should be in complete uniform—no gray sweats or free dress passes may be used on this day.



Today, students in grades Kindergarten through 7 received information about the Summer Learning Challenge.  Completing this Summer Learning Challenge will help prevent the “summer slide,” where students can lose 2-3 months of reading and math skills every summer.  This adds up—by 5th grade summer learning loss can make a student 2.5 - 3 years behind their peers who read during the summer.

Please look over the summer learning challenge with your child, and encourage them to complete the mandatory components of the challenge by the due date. 




The Yearbook is on sale NOW!  $25 for a full-color, hardcover memory book for this school year!  Supplies are limited.  Extra order forms are available in the office.



Pending sports registration and uniform payment statements have been going home with your students the last couple of months. Please ensure that your payments are up to date to allow for your child's participation in our sports program next year 2019-2020. Failure to make all payments by June 3, 2019 will result in your child's inability to participate in sports next year. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for helping make our sports program a success!

Also—if your sports account is current, you may register your child to play sports for next year.  Complete your sports registration form and pay the registration fee by May 31, and pay only $80/sport—a discounted rate.



Aztecs! Do you play soccer? Are you interested in coaching?! We are very excited to announce that we will be starting a second-grade soccer team next year! The league is not part of CYO, as they do not begin team play until third grade, but we firmly believe that exposing our students to sports at an earlier age can only be beneficial! Please contact our Athletic Director Jim Sanchez at 415-722-3999 if you are interested in helping out!



There will be no BVCC after school services available on Thursday, June 6 (12:30 Dismissal) and Friday, June 7 (10:00 Dismissal).

The Computer lab will also be closed on Wednesday, June 5 and Thursday, June 6 (both 12:30 Dismissal days); and Friday, June 7 (10:00 Dismissal).



The BVCC Summer Program will be at St. Peter’s School from June 10 – July 26.  Registration forms are available in the school office and at BVCC.  If you have further questions, please call Rochelle at 415-713-0625.



Beginning next school year (August 2019), we will a have new uniform shoe policy to help show our UNITY as a school.  Uniform shoes will be solid black or solid white rubber-soled shoes or sneakers; no boots.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.




Homeroom teachers identify Students of the Month at the end of each month.  We celebrate these students because they have exemplified living the St. Peter’s KEYS:

Knowledge feeds GROWTH.

Every ACCOMPLISHMENT needs courage.

You are LOVE.



KINDERAmariz Araujo Ortega comes to school prepared, follows directions, and can be counted on to try her best. She is responsible, motivated, and eager to learn. Amariz is always polite and respectful and has developed positive relationships with her peers. She also has the KEYS to unite by engaging in weekly school Mass and morning prayer assemblies. For all those reasons and more, Amariz is May's student of the month!   


1A -  Isaiah Ferreira is wonderful example of what it looks like to live out St. Peter's KEYS. Isaiah is always kind and polite to those around him. He is brave and not afraid to stand up for what is right, even when others won't. Isaiah is a very hard worker, who loves to read and make his brain grow. For these reasons, Isaiah is first grade's student of the month.


2A - Ana Martins-Moreira always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She does not shy away from a challenge. She can summarize a story and find key details within text with a snap of her fingers! Ana helps out any way she can in the classroom and well as on the yard. She is a positive role model for 2nd grade!


3A – This has been a WONDERFUL year for Elleni Carreto.  She was baptized and received her First Holy Communion during the earlier part of the third grade.  She has grown tremendously in her self-confidence and her academic performance has increased greatly.  She has become an awesome friend to her classmates and a generous and trustworthy influence in our classroom. Elleni epitomizes what our St. Peter's KEYS are all about.  Keep up your positive growth mindset. It will serve you well in fourth grade.   


4A - Matthew Diaz has worked diligently this year to become the best classmate he can be. He has challenged himself in the classroom, respected classmates and adults, and brought a smile to everyone's faces with his great sense of humor. He has been able to accomplish so much this year because he works through each problem and takes his time with his writing. Thank you for being a great bucket filler, Matthew! Congratulations!   


5A - Isaac Perez is constantly setting new goals for himself and challenging himself to grow more as a reader and mathematician. Isaac has an exceptionally kind heart and is the first to offer help to anyone in need. He is always encouraging, treats others as Christ would, and truly exemplifies what it means to live out St. Peter's KEYS to success. Yay Isaac!


6A   Francisco Solorio has been a great example of a student with the KEYS to accomplish and love this year.  He asks meaningful questions in class and his curiosity inspires his classmates.  Francisco is a supportive friend and a helpful student to his teachers.  Thank you, Francisco, for sharing your thoughts, questions, and joy with 6th grade this year!


7A - This month's 7A Student of the Month is Yasmin Bello-Leon.  This is Yasmin's last year at St. Peter's School.  However, she has been a student who over the years has embodied St. Peter's School's KEYS.  She is intelligent, thoughtful, an amazing friend, and will be sincerely missed.  Good luck at your new school, Yasmin! 


8A -  Olvin Lopez-Reyna takes great responsibility for his schoolwork, and shows maturity in both his academics and his behavior that will serve him well in high school next year.  Congratulations, Olvin!


8B - Eduardo Olivera Diaz is our student of the month because he shows optimism and an open heart and open mind. Eduardo continues to set goals for himself and face new challenges. He demonstrates an appreciation for others around him and desires to be of service. He continues to grow into a faith-filled person who shares his positivity with others.




KINDER - This week, students will do a research project with a partner to make a poster for an Earth display. We will make a list of ways that as good citizens, we can keep water and air clean, and keep animals safe. Then, students will choose one idea from their list and make a poster of it. In Math, we will continue to build shapes and review addition and subtraction.


1A - This week, we are reviewing and assessing the different skills we have learned throughout the year. In religion, we are continuing to thank those who have supported us. Please return field trip permission slips by Friday. Thank you for all of your help.


2A – We will read “Starry Night” and do a lot of math review with fractions, coins, telling time and measurement. We will wrap up things in the garden for summer and check our clay beads in science. We will continue to say prayers for loved ones, attend mass, and read children's favorite Bible stories. I hope your summer plans include lots of trips to the library, spending time with family, and reading to keep your brains sharp!


3A – This week in Social Studies class, we continue to learn about Memorial Day (also called Decoration Day or Poppy Day). We have begun our owl pellet investigation in the Primary Science Lab.  In ELA, we will continue to practice our handwriting, our contraction review, as well as completing our Dr. Tom Dooley biography, entitled "Doctor to the Poor." In Art Class, we will make caterpillars using egg cartons, pipe cleaners and tempera paint.

Parents please know that the "Summer Learning Challenge" paperwork is going home today.  The students are expected to work on it over the long summer break.  They will turn in the completed assignments on the first day back to school in August.  Let's help their minds GROW during the summer so that they can ACCOMPLISH great things in the fourth grade.  Also, keep them busy working on STMath to prepare them for the challenges of the fourth grade math curriculum. 


4A - It is hard to believe we are in single digits for days of School! This year has flown by. In Religion this week, we will be working on a memory book as a way for us to reflect on our year and growth. In Reading, we will continue to focus on our story, "The Earth Dragon Awakes." We will also be working on writing our paragraphs. In Math, we will finish with fractions and create our own ice cream shops! In Social Studies, we will be focusing on the changes to California since the Missions. In Science, we will be focusing on the phases of the moon. Please continue to check Class Dojo and homework folders!


5A – On Tuesday, 5th graders took a tour of Dandelion Chocolate’s new Mission factory and got to watch chocolate being made! We’ll continue discussing the history and science of chocolate in our classroom this week. We will also finish up our data conferences before the end of this week. On Friday, your 5th grader will bring home their STAR report and show you how much they've grown in math and reading this year!


6A  Religion – Students will be completing a five paragraph essay about the St. Peter's KEYS that they lived out the most during their sixth grade year and students will give detailed examples of how they lived out each KEY.   Language Arts – Students will finish reading their last novel, Ghost, by the end of this week, as well as complete final drafts of their response to literature essays. We'll also begin working on our exciting cross-curricular final project: the 6th Grade Olympics!  Math – This week, 6A will work on their final exams and final projects in Math.   Social Studies – Students will be playing the Ancient Greek Board Games they created!   Science – Students will work on their final exams and projects in Science.


7A   Religion – Students will work on their final exams and final projects in Religion.   Language Arts - Students will continue reading The Outsiders, and work on their final project for the novel.  Math - This week, 7A will work on their Math final exams and projects.  Social Studies – Students are finalizing their last writing project of the school year and they will begin to set 8th grade goals for themselves.   Science – Students wrap up their study of the organ systems by testing their knowledge of the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine systems!


8A/8B   Religion - Congrats 8th graders--it's the final week! It has been a great year GROWING in our faith. Have the best time in high school!  Language Arts - Students have finished their final essays for Of Mice and Men and will finish watching the movie based on the novel.  Math – This week, students will work on their final projects in Math.   Social Studies – Congratulations to the Class of 2019! It has been an absolute joy to teach and learn with each of you these last three years! God bless you all and remember to use the powers of your voice for good :)   Science - We prepare to bid farewell to our 8th graders. Eighth grade, thank you for having an open heart, an open mind, and playing a huge role in growing our programming in the middle school. We could not have done it without you all! Big hugs!




May 30         8th Grade Picnic

May 31          9:30 AM, Graduation Mass

                      11:00 AM, 8th Grade Brunch

                      5:00 PM Graduation Ceremony

June 3           1:45 PM, Sports Awards Assembly

June 4           1A Field trip to Filoli

June 4           2A Field trip to Precita Park

June 5           Free dress for No Tardies in May

June 5           9:00 AM, Kindergarten Celebration

June 5           12:30 Dismissal

                      Computer Lab Closed

June 6            9:00 AM, Awards Assembly

June 6           12:30 Dismissal

                      Computer Lab and BVCC Closed

June 7           8:30 AM, End of School Year Mass

June 7           10:00 Dismissal – Last Day of School!

                       Computer Lab and BVCC Closed