QUE PASA--5/15/2019 (English)

Dear Parents,

       It’s SPIRIT WEEK at St. Peter’s School--a special week where we can celebrate our unity and school pride!  As parents, some ways we can show school spirit are by supporting our children as they learn new things at school, guiding them to have open hearts and open minds, attending school events and sports games, and volunteering to help at school.  As we take part in this fun week recognizing the different ways we can show our school spirit, let us take time to pray as a community to the HOLY SPIRIT for guidance and strength, especially in these final weeks of school.


And fill our hearts with your gifts.

Let our love be true and our charity be generous.

Help us in all our needs 

and grant us the knowledge to do what is right.

Advise us in our doubts, 

strengthen us in our weaknesses, 

protect us when we are tempted, 

and console us when we are afraid.

Graciously hear us, O Holy Spirit, and pour your light into our hearts, minds, and souls.

Guide us to live holy lives and to grow in goodness and grace.



--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez



Thank you to all those who volunteered and donated to make last week’s Loteria Night a success! We had a fun evening together while raising funds for the 7th grade Caritas Creek Camp trip.  To help out with future school events, please contact Mrs. Jimenez in the office or at sjimenez@sanpedro.org.  We depend on volunteers to make events like this happen! 



Here are the remaining days of Spirit Week:

5/16 – THROW-DOWN THURSDAY – Dress in sports attire! Plus, a Student vs. Teacher volleyball game!

5/17 – FORMAL FUN FRIDAY – Dress in fancy attire!

**5/17 – Middle School Dance, “Under the Stars” from 3:30-5:30!  (Only for current St. Peter’s middle school students; $5 admission)



Pending sports registration and uniform payment statements have been going home with your students the last couple of months. Please ensure that your payments are up to date to allow for your child's participation in our sports program next year 2019-2020. Failure to make all payments by June 3rd, 2019 will result in your child's inability to participate in sports next year. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for helping make our sports program a success!



Aztecs! Do you play soccer? Are you interested in coaching?! We are very excited to announce that we will be starting a second-grade soccer team next year! The league is not part of CYO, as they do not begin team play until third grade, but we firmly believe that exposing our students to sports at an earlier age can only be beneficial! Please contact our Athletic Director Jim Sanchez at 415-722-3999 if you are interested in helping out! 



There will be no BVCC after school services available on Thursday, June 6 (12:30 Dismissal) and Friday, June 7 (10:00 Dismissal).

The Computer lab will also be closed on Wednesday, June 5 and Thursday, June 6 (both 12:30 Dismissal days); and Friday, June 7 (10:00 Dismissal).



Beginning next school year (August 2019), we will a have new uniform shoe policy to help show our UNITY as a school.  Uniform shoes will be solid black or solid white rubber-soled tie shoes; no boots.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.




KINDER - This week, we will use sound boxes to pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds in three phoneme words. We will focus on blending phonemes to make words. In Math, we will learn to identify shapes as flat or solid.


1A - This week, we are reading, writing, and talking about the people who help us. In religion, we are making thank you cards for those who have helped us throughout the year. In math, we are working on regrouping in addition. In science and social studies, we are making topographic maps of landforms using salt dough.


2A – We are reading “Taking Care of Pepper” and wrapping up multiplication with 2's, 5's, and 10's. We will review three-digit subtraction as well as the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. Will check on our seeds in the garden, our compost jars, and also some clay in science. We continue learning mass responses and saying prayers for loved ones.


3A – This week in Language Arts class, we will be reading our last textbook story, “Dr. de Soto.” In Religion, we will read a short biography of Dr. Tom Dooley and his life of treating the poor in Southeast Asia. In Math, we will complete our unit on Geometry and then review cardinal and ordinal numbers before we move on to word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


4A - Welcome to Spirit Week! We are very excited for our themed days, and showing great school spirit. In Religion, we will continue to focus on the life of Mary and the Rosary. In Reading, we will take our STAR Test as well as begin our next novel studies. In Math, we will complete our fractions unit! We will begin working on adding and subtracting fractions. In Science, we will complete our pollination unit. In Social Studies, we will focus on current California. Please continue to check your child's planner each night for classroom updates. 


5A – Today, 5th graders took a field trip to tour St. Mary's Cathedral! We'll be finishing and presenting our fraction pizza projects in math and starting a special writing project.  Please let Ms. Storms know if you can join us for the Harry Potter movie field trip on May 23rd...we still need a few more chaperones!


6A  Religion – Students are working in groups on a Sacrament project to learn more about how Catholics worship and prepare for these special events.   Language Arts – Congratulations to 6A for showing amazing growth on their last STAR Reading test! On average, 6th grade students grew almost a full 1½ grade levels this year! That's incredible! In class, we are completing our Response to Literature essays and beginning our last novel unit. We will be reading Ghost by Jason Reynolds, a book of realistic fiction that looks at how a boy uses sports and friendship to escape a troubled past.   Math – This week 6A will take their final STAR Math test of the school year. Additionally, students will be working on group and individual math projects for the fourth quarter.  Social Studies – Students have begun an Ancient Greece Board Game Project as a final for the Ancient Greece Unit.  Science – 6A will be working on group and individual science projects.


7A   Religion - Students will be working on Religion projects for the fourth quarter.   Language Arts - Students have finished their nonfiction unit and are now reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.   Math – 7A will take their final STAR Math test of the school year. Additionally, students will be working on group and individual math projects for the fourth quarter.  Social Studies – Students are finalizing their research about the Aztec Empire and will begin to list differences and similarities between the First American Civilization.  Science – Students continue to learn about the 11 main organ systems and will test their knowledge on Friday.


8A/8B   Religion - This week, students will be working on their Social Justice Projects!   Language Arts - Students have finished their final project for Romeo and Juliet and have moved on to reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.  Math – This week 8A and 8B will take their final STAR Math test of the school year. Additionally, students will be working on group and individual math projects for the fourth quarter.   Social Studies – Students are researching about a topic they are interested in about the American Civil War: Causes, Battles, Leadership, Resources, Outcome, etc. as a way to begin the Civil War Unit.   Science - Students set up their mousetrap car data tables and have begun their runs today. They will track both distance and speed.



May 8-17       Final STAR Testing Window

May 13-17     SPIRIT WEEK

May 14          8:10 AM, School Mass

May 16          2:15, Teachers vs. Students Volleyball game

May 17          1:30, SPIRIT WEEK finale

May 17          3:30-5:30 PM, Middle School Dance

May 23          5A Field Trip to the Roxie Theater  

May 24          8:30 AM, 8th grade Pinning Mass