QUE PASA 3/20/2019 (English)

Dear Parents,

       With all the different responsibilities we have as parents, it is very easy for us to feel overwhelmed and tired. Yet let’s not forget how Jesus can be a source of strength and a loving comfort to us, and how we can follow his example to spread that love and be a positive example for our children. 


How true are Jesus’ words, which invite those who are tired and weary to come to Him to find rest! His arms outstretched on the cross show that no one is excluded from his love and his mercy, not even the greatest sinner: no one!

-Pope Francis, 11/12/16


Heavenly Father, your son’s death on the cross stands as a testament to your endless love and care for all of us. No one who seeks you out is excluded from your love, no matter what we have done. No one is cut off from your mercy, no matter how great our suffering. Give me the courage, Lord, to always look to Christ crucified as the promise of mercy for me. In this Lenten season, give me the confidence to trust that your love for me will never die. AMEN.

(from “The Joy of Lent: Encouragement and Daily Prayers”)


--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez  



As part of our upcoming WCEA (Western Catholic Educational Association) school accreditation process, faculty and staff examined our school mission statement and philosophy.  The attached flyer contains our revised mission statement and philosophy, based on our Core Values to Grow, Accomplish, Love, Serve, and Unite.


The completed orange re-registration form for the upcoming school year is now past due.  Extras are available in the office. Please return the re-registration as soon as possible in order to help plan for the new school year.



The application process for the Archdiocese Family Grant for the 2019-2020 school year has now begun.  Please go on to mytads.comto begin the application process. Be sure you have your 2018 income tax information or 2018 income information (Calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.).  Please be sure you have completed the total process by the Archdiocese deadline—April 14, 2019.



Renewal families will be filling out their BASIC Fund Renewal Application at school on the following days:

·       Monday, March 25 from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM

·       Tuesday, March 26 from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM

·       Tuesday, March 26 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

·       Wednesday, March 27 from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

All student accounts must be current with no past due balances. Please be sure you have your 2018 income tax information or 2018 income information (Calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.).  Contact the school office if you have any questions.




·       English Classes for adults: Monday-Thursday from 10:00-11:30 AM

·       Computer Class for adults:  Mondays, 9:00-10:00 AM

·       Afternoon Activities for Families (Computer Access, English Practice, Homework help, Art & Games, Reading, Cooking): Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 PM   

·       Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

THE LANTERN CENTER is located on 3106 Folsom Street in San Francisco.  For more information, call 415-401-7379.  ALL ARE WELCOME!




KINDER - This week, we will learn about the symbols and places that represent the United States. We will sing the song, "You're a Grand Old Flag" and go over the colors in the U.S. flag. Then, we will read about a girl named Ana who travels to Washington, D.C. and discuss how symbols and special places represent our country. In Math, we will continue to count by ones and by tens to 100. After, students will learn to describe measurements of objects.


1A - This week we are reading, writing, and learning about how we classify and categorize things. In religion, we are continuing to celebrate the Lenten season. In math, we are completing our geometry unit and beginning our unit on money. In science, we are constructing kites and using what we've learned about weather to fly them. In social studies, we are comparing and contrasting how things are today and long ago. 


2A – We are reading “Setting the Rules.” We are measuring in inches and centimeters, and finding the difference between objects.  We will be observing what happened to our seeds in the garden. We will pray for loved ones during Lent and think about how we can be kinder.


3A – This week, we will mail our Animal Bio Book to the publisher. We are excited to see our work published. We should receive our completed book by the middle of April. It will be available for purchase by teachers, parents, and students for the low price of $20.00. In math, we will be taking our multiplication assessment and then moving on to division. In Religion, we will continue to learn about the Lenten season and Lenten practices. This means we'll pray more frequently, learn about and do more almsgiving and continue to try our hardest to keep our Lenten promises. Those may be performing random acts of kindness or making a sacrifice of some kind during this holy period. 


4A - I hope you had a nice long weekend! In Religion this week, we will continue to focus on the season of Lent and working to prepare our hearts for Jesus. We will be tested on our Lenten knowledge this week. In Reading, we will finish our novel Wonder. It has been a great unit for us, and we look forward to reading more novels together. We will complete an in-class book report on Wonder. In Math, we will be learning about the metric unit of length and working with meters, centimeters, and millimeters. In Social Studies, we will talk about the founding of the Missions. In Science, we will conclude our unit on Glaciers. Please continue to read each night for 20 minutes! 


5A - In science this week, 5th graders are investigating how different solutions reach their saturation point. In social studies, students will be mapping out the path of Paul Revere's famous ride. We'll also be adding and subtracting fractions in math and learning about relative pronouns in grammar. 


6A  Religion – Students will be preparing for Thursday's Lenten Reconciliation by reviewing the Act of Contrition.  Language Arts –6A is continuing the poetry unit and will be focusing on annotating poetry in order to identify poetic devices and themes. We will read poems by a diverse group of authors, such as Maya Angelou, Gary Soto, and Shel Silverstein. Students will also familiarize themselves with different poetic forms by writing haikus and odes.   Math – Students will express positive and negative fractions as decimals.  Social Studies – Students are finalizing their compare-and-contrast activity for Christianity and Judaism as part of the Ancient Hebrews Unit.   Science – Students will describe what determines the climate of an area. 


7A   Religion -  Students will pray for the grace to love others, using a meditation on a parable about the Kingdom of God.  Language Arts - Students are continuing to explore and develop their creativity in their Poetry Unit. They are finishing ballad poems, and will move on to the last style of poetry for the unit, limerick poems.  Math – Students will subtract linear expressions.  Social Studies – Students will end 3rd quarter by presenting their Renaissance research videos.   Science – Students are researching for their genetics research project and will begin building their Slides presentation and model.  


8A/8B   Religion - This week are learning about the Stations of the Cross and listening to some words spoken by Pope Francis on salvation!  Language Arts - Students are continuing to explore and exercise their creativity in their Poetry Unit. They have finished elegy poems and are moving on to romanticism poems.   Math – Students will solve systems of equations algebraically.   Social Studies – Students are ending 3rd quarter with a discussion and essay about different documents from George Washington's presidency.   Science - Students are completing prototypes of their egg drop protection devices, refining designs based on initial tests, and completing a final build for Friday's 30-foot egg drop!




Mar. 21     8:30 AM, Lenten Reconciliation for 5th and 6th grades

Mar. 21    4A Field trip to Garden for the Environment

Mar. 22    END OF 3rd QUARTER

Mar. 24    9:30 AM, Sunday Family Mass

Mar. 25    12:30 Dismissal

Mar. 26    8:10 AM, School Mass

Mar. 27    Report Cards sent home

Mar. 28    8:30 AM, Lenten Reconciliation for 7th grade