QUE PASA 2/6/2019 (English)

Dear Parents,

       It’s hard to believe that it’s already February!  This week, we reach our 100th day of school.  It’s a day to celebrate our accomplishments, but also an opportunity to reflect on our learning.  We continue to promote and practice a Growth Mindset--to model to our children to challenge ourselves and show how we can grow by learning from our mistakes and to reflect on how “Knowledge feeds GROWTH.”  Yet let’s not neglect our spiritual growth.  I offer these petitions to help keep our spirits strong and faithful: 

We lay our prayers before the Lord, who gives us strength.

We pray that those who lead us in faith and serve our Church, Pope Francis, our bishops, and pastors continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

We pray for national, state, and local leaders, that their work is focused on their desire to serve.

We pray for the students, families, faculty, and staff of our school, that we never forget our call to discipleship.

Guide us so that we may grow closer to you, O Lord.

In the power of your Spirit and in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, we pray.  AMEN.


--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez




Your child has received a collection envelope and flyer for the AZTEC TREK.  Students and families can help support our school by collecting pledges for our walk-a-thon and game day.  This is our only mandatory school fundraiser, and it helps to keep St. Peter’s School’s tuition the lowest in the Archdiocese.  The minimum mandatory amount to be collected by each student is $100, but the more money a student collects, the more prizes and class points can be earned!  The due date for all money to be turned in is Friday, February 22. Thank you in advance for your support!



To commemorate our 100th Day of School, students may come to school dressed like they are 100 years old this Friday, February 8.  In the afternoon, students in grades Kinder through 5th will also participate in 100th day “stations.”


See the attached flyer and ticket order form for our annual Family Dinner and Dance!  This year, it will be held on Saturday, February 23.  Tickets are limited, so purchase your tickets early!



The application process for the Archdiocese Family Grant for the 2019-2020 school year has now begun.  Please go on to mytads.comto begin the application process. Be sure you have your 2018 income tax information or 2018 income information (Calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.).  Please be sure you have completed the total process by the Archdiocese deadline—April 14, 2019.



New students entering for the 2019-2020 school year must complete the BASIC Fund Application no later than March 15, 2019. 

Renewal families will be filling out their BASIC Fund Renewal Application in March and April.  All student accounts must be current with no past due balances. Please be sure you have your 2018 income tax information or 2018 income information (Calworks, social security, food stamps, etc.).  Contact the school office if you have any questions.



Please ensure that your child follows uniform policy as posted by the school office and stated in the school handbook.  All undershirts, including long-sleeve undershirts, should be white.  If your daughter wears tights, they should be solid black or white and extend to the ankle.  Socks must be black or white and extend above the ankle.  Shoes may not have blue or red on them, and boots may not be worn.




KINDER - This week in Kindergarten, we are learning about weather and how it can affect people and places. We will read about the rainy season in a part of Africa. We will read Rain by Manya Stong, which is a fantasy story. Students will be reminded that fantasy stories are made up and have characters, people, or animals who are not real. Then students will listen as I read and find out how the weather changes in the story. After, we will write about what we like to do on a rainy day. We will use a word web to brainstorm our ideas before writing a personal narrative. In math, we will continue to use ten frame charts when adding. Students will use counters and beads for support. 


1A - This week in first grade we are reading and discussing the ways that we get our food. We are practicing words that end in -ookand -ood. In religion, we are naming special gifts that we should thank God for. In math, we are working on counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. In science, we are observing the moon and its different phases. In social studies, we are learning about Chinese New Year.


2A - We are reading and acting out 2 folktales, “How the Beetle got Her Colors” and “How the Finch Got its Colors.” KEEP COUNTING with quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies (please let your child play with coins!). We are going to be investigating solids and water in science. Student Council members will visit us to talk about their role in student government. We are talking about making better choices and preparing for First Reconciliation on February 6 at 5:45 PM in St. Peter's Church. Please talk with your child about Reconciliation so they are not anxious.


3A – 3A continues to work on comprehension and academic vocabulary for Mr. Popper's Penguins. We are nearing the end of this twenty chapter book and the kiddos are thoroughly enjoying it. We will have our assessment of this book next week. In Math class, we will begin working on multiplication in class as well as in our homework assignments. Parents, please practice the basic multiplication facts nightly with your children. In Science, our crayfish have finally arrived!!!! We are investigating and learning about them in our Science lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will continue to learn about their habitats and body parts for this month and much of the month of March. Ask your children about all that they have discovered about these fascinating crustaceans. 


4A - Happy 100th Day of School! The 4th Graders have been working for 100 days to get smarter and build their mental stamina. This week, we will finish our unit on the Sacraments in Religion. In Reading, we will continue to focus on our book Wonder. The students are doing a great job of reading the novel, as well as using their comprehension skills to focus on character development and plot. In Math, we are moving into long division. We are focusing on each step, and are encouraging each other to use the steps as additional support. In Science, we will focus on our field trip to the California Academy of Sciences (Thursday, February 7th). In Social Studies, we will complete our poster projects.


5A - This is a big week for 5th grade! We're wrapping up our long division math unit. Students will show off all the skills they've learned on an assessment.  In Language Arts, we're starting our novel study of Harry Potter! I'm so excited to introduce 5th graders to this magical world that will expand their reading comprehension skills. 


6A  Religion – Students are working in groups to define and present the important vocabulary terms and religious figures from their assigned chapter in Blest Are We.   Language Arts – Students will be analyzing how advertisements try to influence us using the rhetorical techniques of ethos, pathos, and logos. We'll also be creating our own advertisements using these techniques.   Social Studies – Students will begin learning about the physical geography of Ancient China and will have a Lunar New Year celebration on Friday, February 8th. 


7A   Language Arts - Students are finalizing their reading of Freak the Mighty. They will continue to respond to a series of comprehension questions to ensure understanding of the overall content. They will also participate in post-reading activities to end the novel.   Social Studies – Students will be learning about the physical geography of Europe and the early Middle Ages.  Science – Students are now committed to learning about heredity and genetics. This week they will create monsters using a Punnett Square. 


8A/8B   Religion - Students will be learning about the meaning and importance that spiritual devotions have in their personal faith life.   Language Arts - Students are continuing their reading on Zoot Suit. As the trial continues for the Pachucos, students will create a Letter of Appeal on behalf of a character in the play. They will use evidence from the text and elements of an appeal to complete.    Social Studies – Students will be studying the Bill of Rights and giving a two minute speech convincing their classmates to pass their amendment.  Science - Students are now done with their rockets and the analysis portion begins before starting our semester of Physics.



Feb. 4-15      STAR Testing Window #3

Feb. 6           Free Dress for No Tardies in January

Feb. 6           5:45 PM, First Reconciliation in Church 

Feb. 7           4A Field Trip to the Academy of Sciences

Feb. 8           100th Day Celebration; Dress Like You’re 100 Years Old!

Feb. 12         8:10 AM School Mass

Feb 12          5A Field Trip to 826 Valencia