QUE PASA -- 1/9/2019 (ENGLISH)

Dear Parents,

       Happy New Year!!!  I pray that everyone enjoyed a blessed Christmas with loved ones.  I am thankful for another year filled with hope, challenges, and growth.  Together, let us start 2019 with a prayer:


Lord, You make all things new.

You bring hope alive in our hearts

And cause our Spirits to be born again.

Thank you for this new year,

For all the potential it holds.

Come and kindle in us a mighty flame

So that in our time, many will see the wonders of God

And live forever to praise Your glorious name.  


--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez




Due to an emergency, Mr. Minh, our after school computer lab supervisor, will not be at school from January 7-18. The computer lab will be closed from January 7-18 and will re-open on January 22 (after the MLK holiday.



We depend on parent volunteer support throughout the school year! Some upcoming events include our FAMILY DANCE and CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK FAMILY MASS RECEPTION.  If you would like to help plan future events and fundraisers, or would like to join one of our parent groups, please contact Mrs. Jimenez at sjimenez@sanpedro.org or leave your name and number at the office.



As the weather gets colder and you bundle up your child, please ensure that he/she follows uniform policy as posted by the school office and stated in the school handbook.  All undershirts, including long-sleeve undershirts, should be white.  If your daughter wears tights, they should be solid black or white and extend to the ankle.  Socks must be black or white and extend above the ankle.  Boots may not be worn.




KINDER - This week in Kindergarten, we will read “My Garden” by Kevin Henkes. Before reading the story, we will text talk; students will identify if the story is fiction or non-fiction. Students will also begin thinking what might be the author's purpose for writing. Perhaps to entertain, persuade, or inform? Where and when do think this story takes place? Who is the main character of the story? Then, as we read the story, students will be listening for important events at the beginning, middle, and end of the story that may answer questions or confirm predictions. In math, we will review addition and subtraction. We are moving forward to subtract from 5 or less. (fluency)


1A - Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Christmas break. This week we will be reading and discussing how we measure time. In religion, we are finishing learning about of the wonder of God's Creation. In math, we are beginning our unit on place value by practicing grouping and counting by 10s. In science, we are finally working on our rockets fueled by compressed air, and in social studies we are learning about earning, saving, and spending money.


2A - We will be reading “Rain Forests,” learning about 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes, and investigating spills (bring recyclable water bottles, please). We will be preparing for First Reconciliation (memorize the Act of Contrition).  Mark your calendars: First Communion meeting on January 16 at 5:45 p.m. in St. Peter's Church.


3A – Happy New Year and welcome back to school.  3A is starting off the 2019 year with a book writing project that will be completed by the end of February.  We are hoping to publish our writing effort for parents, family and friends to purchase.  In Math class, we continue to focus on our third grade curriculum using our tablets, small group math centers, and class instruction.  Please continue to use STMath at home as well as the study of basic math facts to help the students improve their knowledge in mathematics. On Friday, we will have a pizza lunch because of your phenomenal support with our December food drive. WE truly accomplish, love, serve and unite as a class and as a school.   


4A - Welcome back, 4A! I hope you had nice and relaxing breaks. We are back to work, and setting our new goals for 2019. In Religion, we will be focusing on the 7 Sacraments as a way for us to recall the Sacraments we have already participated in, and understand the Sacraments ahead of us. In Math, we will be reviewing multiplication this week. Please practice multiplication facts at home! In Reading, we will create an interactive notebook for our next story, "Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude." In Social Studies, we will learn about Native Californians, this will segue us into our Missions Project during 3rd Quarter! In Science, we will continue to focus on changes in landforms. Please continue to encourage your child to use our STMath program at home. Thank you!


5A - Welcome back from break! This week, 5th graders will be setting goals for 2019 and sharing the book talk presentations they worked on over break. In math, we'll check in on our division fact fluency and examine the importance of place values in decimals.


6A  Religion – 6A is setting goals for the New Year and reviewing the Ten Commandments from the book of Exodus.  Language Arts – I hope everyone had a restful and merry holiday and a happy New Year! This week, 6A ELA will continue where we left off in Roll of Thunder as we approach closer to the novel's climax. We will also begin to look at common Latin and Greek roots to build our academic vocabulary.   Math – Students will divide whole numbers by fractions.  Social Studies – Students are learning about the physical geography and the religious beliefs of the people of Ancient India.   Science – 6A will compare and contrast dominant life-forms in Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras.


7A   Religion - 7A will offer ways to work towards a just and peaceful society.   Language Arts - Welcome back! Students have ended their Unit on A Christmas Carol. They are now moving on to the Introduction of their next novel, Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick.  Math – Students will evaluate simple algebraic expressions.   Social Studies – Students will begin Medieval Japan by learning about the physical geography and the early settlement of the island of Japan.   Science – Students will review biological levels of organization and then switch their focus onto defining all steps of mitosis.


8A/8B   Religion – Eighth graders are jumping into the new year by discussing how various religious orders allow for individuals in the Catholic church to nourish their faith.   Language Arts - Welcome back, Class of 2019! Students are closing their Night Unit with a Literary Analysis Essay, interpreting the significant events, topics, and themes in the novel. On Tuesday, January 15, students will also have a Holocaust Guest Speaker Presentation.  Math – Students will find the slope of a line.   Social Studies – Students are continuing their Constitution Unit by learning about the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Branch.   Science - Students review their measurement abilities as they put the finishing touches on their rocket project. Flight date is January 17th.



Jan. 16         First Communion Parent Meeting, 5:45 PM in Church

Jan. 18         End of 2nd Quarter

Jan. 18         Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Service, 8:30 AM

Jan. 21         Dr. MLK, Jr. Holiday, No School

Jan. 23         8th Grade Graduation Photo Day

Jan. 23         Report Cards sent home