QUE PASA 12/19/2018 (ENGLISH)

Dear Parents,

       I share this prayer (written by Christine Sine) with you all:

The coming of our Lord is near,
And we wait in joyful expectation.
Draw close, Lord Jesus Christ,
Shed your light on all that is filled with darkness.
The coming of our Lord is near,
And we wait with hope filled hearts.
Draw close, God’s beloved son,
Teach us the wonder of your all-embracing love. 



       During this Advent, I keep the entire St. Peter’s School family in my prayers--I am grateful to be a part of this loving community.  I pray that everyone has a safe and relaxing winter break.  Have a joyous Christmas and a happy new year!  See you in 2019!


--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez




You are invited to join in the Eucharistic celebrations on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at St. Peter’s Church!

December 24 – 7:00 PM,  Special Concelebrated Mass

December 25 – 9:30 AM Mass (English) and 12:00 PM (Spanish)



The computer lab will be CLOSED on Wednesday-Thursday, December 19-20, and will re-open when classes resume after Christmas vacation, on Monday, January 7.



If you would like your child to participate in the BVCC Winter Camp, open from December 26-28 and January 2-4, you can fill out and return the registration form which was sent home.  Forms are also available in the school office and in the Parish Hall with the BVCC After School Program. 



Homeroom teachers identify Students of the Month at the end of each month.  We celebrate these students because they have exemplified living the St. Peter’s KEYS:

Knowledge feeds GROWTH.

Every ACCOMPLISHMENT needs courage.

You are LOVE.



Kinder - Fabio Bucio is a role model student who sets a positive example for his peers. He has excellent work ethic and enjoys helping others. Fabio always comes to class prepared and creates high quality work that exceeds expectations. He engages in weekly school mass and morning prayer assemblies. For these reasons, Fabio is December's student of the month!


1A - Angel Robledo is an excellent example of a student who is always trying to live out St. Peter's KEYS. Angel takes his learning very seriously and is great at staying focused on his work and challenging himself. He is kind and loving to those around him and is quick to offer help to anyone in need. Angel is a great listener and team player. For these reasons Angel is first grade's student of the month!


2A - Daniel Saavedra is the Student of the Month for December.  He always does his best and is eager to try new things. Daniel listens carefully and focuses on his work.  Good job, Daniel!  


3A – Danna Sanchez is a perfect example of our KEYS. Danna is one who SERVES by helping others before being asked. She is often seen cleaning the 3rd grade play area after recess.  She shares her classroom materials and her snacks when someone is without theirs.  Furthermore, Danna shows GROWTH in her academics and her behavior.  She consistently strives to receive a "1" in behavior and study skills.    


4A - Sara Becerra comes to school every day with a smile on her face, and is ready to learn. She takes full responsibility of her learning, and is an extremely hard worker. She focuses on respecting classmates and adults, as well as being a bucket filler to everyone she meets. She is an active participant in class, and motivates others around her to stay focused and to keep trying. Congratulations, Sara!


5A – Carlos Mendoza brings so many great qualities to 5th grade. He UNITEs our class with his great listening and by following directions the first time, SERVEs his classmates by helping them with assignments, and brings LOVE and joy to 5th grade with his clever jokes. We love that Carlos isn't intimidated by challenges and is always willing to try something new. He has GROWn a lot this school year by working to stay focused on task in class. All of this hard work has allowed him to ACCOMPLISH great things academically!  


6A - Diego Diaz has been a joy to have in the classroom this year and has what it takes to be successful in 6th grade and beyond!  This is Diego's final month at St. Peter's and we know that he will take what he has learned here to his new school.  Diego's new classmates and teachers will be lucky to have him as he will surely show them what it means to be a student with the KEYS to GROW, ACCOMPLISH, LOVE, SERVE, and UNITE! Thank you Diego for the kindness, positive attitude, and support you have given to your classmates and teachers throughout the years.  You will always be a member of our St. Peter's family!  


7A - Angela Miranda is a great example of someone who lives out St. Peter's School's KEYS.  She is so thoughtful and provides a refreshing point of view each day in class.  She is a leader and a great example of someone our younger students here at St. Peter's School can look up to.  Finally, she is a great friend to her 7A classmates. 


8A - Victoria Colvin exhibits what it means to grow as a WHOLE person, through her spiritual, emotional, physical, and academic well-being. She is constantly seeking ways to create an impact, a voice, within herself and the school community. She accomplishes and serves as a strong role model and leader. Way to go Victoria!


8B - Daniel Mejia has shown us all what it truly means to face challenges with optimism and faith. When he is facing difficulty, he still manages to think of others and show gratitude. He continually wants to grow and try new things and is willing to be a pioneer and lead the way for others. Daniel truly lives the teachings of Christ in the joy and love he shares with the world.  



KINDER - This week, we will continue to blend sounds to make words. Students will participate in our Daily Five stations. So far, it's helping students feel more comfortable in their reading ability. In math, we will work on math facts. Parents, please continue to help your child with subtraction. This seems to be a challenge for most students.


1A - This week we are continuing our trip around the world to learn about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. In religion, we are continuing our Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar in preparation for the birth of Jesus. In math, we will be reviewing our units on subtraction and data and graphing. We are also preparing and practicing for our singing of ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ at Thursday's Christmas Prayer Service. Please join us if you can. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful break!


2A - We will be reading “Rain Forests.”  We will be creating and interpreting bar graphs, sorting bits and pieces, and watching our paperwhite bulbs grow, we continue to prepare for Jesus' birth, and please start practicing the Act of Contrition. Have a restful break!


3A – SUCH A BUSY WEEK THROUGHOUT ST.PETER'S SCHOOL. As we await the birth of Christ and prepare for the Christmas holiday vacation, 3A is making presents for our parents, writing cards to our loyal benefactors and decorating our classroom. We are having some fun activities such as assembling movable reindeer, making St. Nicholas puppets, and a working on a sequencing worksheet from our recent read, The Polar Express. 3A is taking this opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful Christmas with rest and relaxation. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GREAT NEW YEAR.


4A - This week, we will continue to focus on the season of Advent and preparing our hearts for Jesus' birth. In Reading, we will be focusing on various Christmas stories. We will be creating Book Reports based on these stories, and we will write our own Christmas story. In Math, we will use this week to review addition, subtraction and multiplication. Through Christmas stations, we will work individually, with partners, and in small groups to practice our skills. We will also take part in "Merry Graphmas" during this week; we will study various graphs and participate in them as a class each day. In Science, we will participate in Christmas STEM projects. In Social Studies, we will continue the Christmas theme and learn about how different countries celebrate Christmas. We will also be attending the Mission Public Library on Wednesday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


5A - 5th grade is wrapping up the last school week of 2018 with some exciting events! We went on a class field trip to the Exploratorium on Tuesday, and we’re working on holiday graphing activities in math and presenting our book club's plot diagrams of Christmas stories. Have a wonderful Christmas with your families!


6A  Religion – Students are finalizing their Jesse Tree ornament project and preparing for the Christmas Program.  Language Arts – 6A is nearing the climax of our novel, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, and the tension between the characters is building. Will the Logan family be able to find justice in an unjust world? Students have had interesting conversations about how we seek change when we see something wrong in our world.   Math - This week 6A will continue to multiply fractions.   Social Studies – Students are reading about Christmas traditions around the world.   Science – Students will take a test on Earth's early history.


7A   Religion - 7A will take a Unit Test in Religion.  Furthermore, I would like to wish all 7A families nothing but happiness, love, and God's blessing this Christmas and New Year's holiday.  Language Arts - Students have finalized their unit on A Christmas Carol by watching the movie. In doing so, they are able to visualize the play's content. When they return from break, students will be introduced to their second novel, Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Math – Students will begin learning about algebraic expressions.   Social Studies – Students finished A Long Walk to Water and are reflecting through essays on the ways that access to water change entire communities.  Science - Students are now beginning to look into tissues as they prepare to start their research on organ systems. Our first step will be to describe how cells replicate through mitosis.


8A/8B   Language Arts - Students have finalized their reading of Night. They will create a culminating Tear Art Visual to represent their feelings and reactions to an event in the novel. In doing so, they will be able to illustrate how mood and symbolism can convey a message to the reader. More importantly, students will be able to highlight the devastation that the main character and other Jewish prisoners endured, while capturing the human emotion that is so vivid in the novel. Have a very Merry Christmas! See you in 2019, class of 2019!   Math -  Students will finish up their math project and begin learning about constant rate of change.  Social Studies – Students are finalizing their Legislative Branch weeks by taking a Congress Quest, following a bill in Congress that they are interested in, and researching California’s Senators and their Representative.  Science - Students continue to build their rockets. This week's focus will be building the nose cone and finding volume.



Dec. 19-20        Computer Lab Closed

Dec. 20             9:00 AM Christmas Prayer Service and Program

Dec. 20             12:30 Dismissal


Jan. 7                 Classes Resume  (Regular Schedule, 7:55 AM – 3:00 PM)

Jan.8                 8:10 AM School Mass

Jan. 16              First Communion Parent Meeting

Jan. 18              End of 2nd Quarter