QUE PASA 9/27/2017 (English)

Dear Parents,

Our focus of the KEY “Knowledge feeds GROWTH” for September was so appropriate as we began our school year together.  This is a time when we adjust to different environments, get to know teachers and classmates, and learn how to collaborate with others.  Think about how your child has grown (academically, socially, spiritually) since the first day of school.  The knowledge they have gained will help to feed their mind and spirit, but they should not stop there.  Together, let us guide them to use that knowledge to take action to better themselves, to positively guide others, and to improve their communities.   And when they take action, they can understand that “Every ACCOMPLISHMENT needs courage”--which will be our October focus of the KEYS! Together, let’s keep our growth mindset going strong as this first month of school draws to a close.

Also, congratulations to the September Students of the Month!  They are inspiring examples of living out the St. Peter’s KEYS!

--Mrs. Sandra Jimenez



Grades 3-8: If your child is receiving a C- grade or below, or a 3 or 4 in Behavior, he/she will bring home a progress report today.

Grades K-2:  If your child is receiving an “N” in an area, or a 3 or 4 in Behavior, he/she will bring home a progress report today. 

*These progress reports must be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher.  Final grades for the First Quarter will be available at the beginning of November.




If your child was on time to school for every school day in September, then he/she may wear Free Dress on Wednesday, Oct.4.  If students qualify for this prize, they will be notified by their teacher.



Please see the attached order form to place an order for the gray St. Peter’s Sweats and T-shirt.  Order forms are also available in the office.  These sweats are on sale for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!



Complete the online course on www.shieldthevulnerable.org.  This course is necessary for adults to volunteer with children, including volunteering as a field trip chaperone.  Directions for accessing the course are available on our school website—www.stpeterssf.org—under the August 30 Que Pasa section.  Or pick up a paper copy of the directions from the school office.  Your certificate of completion is good for 3 years.  Submit your certificate of online course completion by this Friday Sept. 29 and receive 6 hours of parent participation.



See the attached flyer for “Mornings in Kindergarten” and “Shadow Days” at St. Peter’s.  These are opportunities for prospective students and families to get to know St. Peter’s so that the students can attend our school.  Feel free to share this information with others outside of St. Peter’s.



Homeroom teachers identify Students of the Month at the end of each month, and will be recognized at the last morning assembly of each month.  Students who are chosen have exemplified living the St. Peter’s KEYS:

Knowledge feeds GROWTH.

Every ACCOMPLISHMENT needs courage.

You are LOVE.



KINDER - Dominic Leonor is kind and always willing to be helpful. His positive attitude towards learning has helped him build his knowledge and explore new ideas. He is willing to take the risk of asking questions to check for understanding. He works hard and is willing to go above and beyond in his efforts to progress.  

1A Milena Arevalo Zelayandia is a student who is always trying her best and is eager to learn and grow. She is kind and loving to all those around her and is always quick to help a friend in need. For these reasons Milena is our first student of the month!

2A – Andrea Perez is always helping others (service), working hard and trying her best (accomplish), and working with others to resolve problems (unite).

3A – Isaac Leonor is a hard worker who asks intelligent questions in order to grow in knowledge.  He is a willing helper to fellow students, as well as his teacher.  Also, his study habits are outstanding.

4A – Daniela Perez has demonstrated that every accomplishment needs courage.  She overcame feeling frustrated with homework and studying by persevering and doing extremely well on her spelling tests averaging over 96%.  Good job Daniela!  

5A – Veronica Montes is kind to her classmates, constantly offers to help, and shows courage in asking questions when she doesn't understand something. We know her courage and dedication will help her grow and accomplish many great things this year!

6A – Javier Montano is a great example of a student with the KEYS. He has started the year in great spirits and has been excited to share his knowledge with his classmates. He has quickly learned the expectations in 6th grade and has been very helpful to his peers.

7A – Bianca Langlois has shown that she is ready for anything that 7th grade will throw at her.  She has been a helper to those classmates who need it, she has taken great care to ensure her understanding of all things in math by asking great questions, and has an eye for perfection.  The way Bianca went about roaming the room and helping her classmates when they were stuck was what growth and success are all about.  

7B – Daniel Mejia has shown that service unites. His leadership and dedication to the safety patrol and the student council has made our school community a safer place.

8A – Yesenia Herrera has exhibited a willingness to share her knowledge in the classroom, both academically and personally, by constantly asking questions to better herself.




KINDER - This week in Kindergarten, we will explore and read to find out ways that baby animals move. Students will write an opinion about an animal using an idea from a list given. Then students will work in pairs to do a peer edit and check for the following: Did I write about an animal? Did I share my feelings about the animal? Does my sentence tell about the picture I drew? Lastly, we will create animal puppets. It's going to be a fun week!


1A - This week in English Language Arts the topic is “Where We Live.” We are discussing our own neighborhoods and communities, as well as those of others. In religion we are discussing the different ways we can praise God. In math we are continuing to work on sequencing and ordinal numbers. In science we are continuing to experiment with air and its effect on different objects.


2A - 2nd grade will be writing their own prayers of praise and thanksgiving; continuing to prepare for First Communion/Reconciliation (parent meeting Wednesday, 9/27 at 6 p.m.); learning to count up to subtract, identifying and writing fact families; reading about how families work together; understanding the roles of consumers and producers; and building towers and bridges.


4A - This week 4A students will learn the Scripture story of the Last Supper, understand the four meanings of subtraction, identify the sequence of events in a text and use the sequence of events to summarize a text.


5A – 5th grade is beginning to discuss mixtures in science and early exploration in social studies this week. We'll also continue reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in English Language Arts and will review the properties of addition and subtraction in math.


6AReligion – 6th Grade Religion will continue with the story of Abraham and Sarah in the book of Genesis and they will have their second session of Building Bridges with Paula Pardini.  Language Arts –  6th graders are continuing their study of short stories by identifying different types of point of view. We will be reading "The Sniper" to look at the importance of choosing the right point of view to build suspense in a story.  Social Studies - 6th Grade Social Studies will choose which Sumerian Achievement was most significant to changing history!   Science - 6th graders will expand on their investigation of air by brainstorming their own experiments to test whether air has mass.


7A/7B   Language Arts - Students will continue to read Walk Two Moons, while also responding to comprehension questions, text connections and vocabulary. The material thus far has provided very thoughtful and lively discussions. What is in store for Salamanca Tree Hiddle?  Social Studies – 7th Graders have studied the beliefs and practices of Islam, will write their names in the Arabic language, and will see the ways in which Islam was spread throughout the world.  Science - Students will review cellular process as we prepare to take a look inside the cells that do those processes.


8A   Religion – 8th Graders are moving through the 'Apostolic' Chapter of their text as they learn what it as one of our Church's four marks.  Language Arts - Students have begun reading Mockingbird. In addition to their reading, students have created a Character Study Notebook to record their responses to character transformation. This will serve as the main focus of the novel, while also participating in mini lesson activities to aid in further comprehension.    Social Studies - 8th graders will start to learn about the beginnings of unrest in the American Colonies and learn what sparked the American Revolution!   Science - Students will put their knowledge of subatomic particles to use as they create models of ions, isotopes, and neutral atoms.




September 27       First Communion Meeting at

                             6:00 PM in Church

October 3             8:15 AM School Mass

October 4             Free Dress for students with

                               No Tardies in September

October 4             Morning in Kindergarten for

                               prospective students and   


October 5            Last day to purchase St.

                              Peter’s Athletic Sweats

October 7           “Procession for the Streets of

                             our City” (See attached flyer)