QUE PASA AUGUST 30, 2017 (English)

Dear Parents,

Our school year is off to a strong start!  This would not be possible without all the support from KEY people—teachers, parents, support staff, and volunteers.  Such positive things can happen when we all work together.

Remember that parents and guardians are encouraged to join the School Morning Meetings at the beginning and ending of each school week.  In case you’re not sure, a sign saying “ASSEMBLY TODAY” will be up in the schoolyard to signify that we will be having a Morning meeting that day.

Please make sure that you are registered to receive notifications for SchoolSpeak, our online communications system.  If you have not been receiving notices, contact the office and provide your email so that your contact information can be updated on the system.



Back to School Night is scheduled for TONIGHT-- Wednesday, August 30. Please see the schedule below for the schedule for Back-to-School Night.  Child care by BVCC will be available.

6:00 – 6:25  Parents visit Grades K – 5 classrooms


6:00 – 6:40  Visit booths on the schoolyard

·      Pick up the Parent-Student Handbook at designated tables.

·      Learn about the Madrinas, Community Builders, and Campus Care parent groups, and sign up as a volunteer.

·      Register for the Buena Vista Child Care After-school Program.

·      Sign up for upcoming CYO Athletic teams.

6:50 – 7:10  Parent Meeting in the Church

7:15 – 7:45  Parent meeting in Church for grades 6-8


Please make sure you pick up your Parent-Student Handbook at Back-to-School Night. This is a very important document for you and your child to review. 



The implementation of our cultural vision—KEYS—is already having a positive impact on our school community.  The children are encouraged to live out our school’s values of Grow, Accomplish, Love, Serve, and Unite:

Knowledge feeds GROWTH.



You are LOVE.



Please continue to join us in helping students to live their values in all they say and do.




Please make sure to read and complete all the forms that were sent home with your child last week--

Emergency Card, Medical Packet, Permission to walk/talk public transportation after school, Photo Release form, Technology Acceptable Use Policy, Email address verification.  The information provided on these forms is very important and due back to the office by Friday, September 1st.



All students not registered for any after school programs must leave the schoolyard by 3:15 PM on regular dismissal days and 2:30 PM on early dismissal days. Students may not leave the schoolyard and return to the campus after dismissal. At no time will a student be allowed to be on campus unsupervised.  Parents must also leave the campus at this time, unless they have an appointment with a teacher or administration.


All students who participate in any after school activity should register for the BVCC St. Peter’s After School Program.  Financial Assistance is available.  Please see BVCC Directors Sheri Schlicker or Rochelle Celedon if you have any questions about registration.



If you would like your child to receive Baptism, Reconciliation, or First Eucharist, please fill out a form in the office by September 15.



If a parking spot in the school/church parking lot is blocked with an orange cone, please do not park in that space.  Those spaces are rented by the church and must be kept open for the parking tenants.

Please do not park in the white zone in front of the Alabama Street gate; this is only for a drop-off area. Also please avoid parking on the sidewalk. 



In the Que Pasa today is information concerning the Student Accident Insurance provided by the Archdiocese. The insurance will cover your child for injury at school.



California Law, (California State Law A354) requires that all students entering 7th-12th grades show proof of a Tdap (Whooping Cough) Pertussis booster shot. If you have not already done so, please submit documentation to the school no later than August 28th. The San Francisco Department of Health informs us we cannot offer a grace period for those who do not have a booster. Please contact your child’s health care provider and arrange for the Tdap booster.



KINDER - Last week, we read the book Chrysanthemum. It's about a little mouse that was given a very large name but when she goes to school, her friends teased her. This week, we will discuss how teasing hurts others and ways we can deal with being teased. Then we will talk about our names and make a class graph with the amount of letters in our names, following words from left to right and top to bottom.

1A - In First Grade this week we are continuing to review reading and math learned in Kindergarten. We are talking about the responsibilities of a first grader and learning about families and communities. Please check your child's homework packet every night. Thank you for a wonderful start to the year. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Back-to-School Night on 8/30/2017.

2A - 2nd Grade will be reading “Help! A Story of Friendship,” diving right into adding and subtracting within 20, sharing family photos and histories, and celebrating God's light and baptism photos

4A - This week 4A will learn the Scripture story of Creation, identify the sequence of events in a passage, and understand place value through the hundred thousands. 

5A - 5th grade students began the school year by reflecting on what kind of classroom community we want to create with the help of the mentor text What If Everybody Did That? We will be starting academic content this week with a review of sentence structure in grammar, analyzing story structure using humorous reading passages from Wayside School is Falling Down, and exploring place value to the billions in math. 5th graders will also be completing job applications for our classroom economy this week!

6A  Religion - We’re working on an "About Me" poster to share what makes them unique.  Language Arts – We’ll begin an introduction to the short story. We will learn about the different elements that make up fiction writing and also work on rules of capitalization.   Social Studies - We will answer the question: Why study History?  Science - Our 6th grade scientists are beginning the year by setting up their lab notebooks and learning about different kinds of severe weather.  

 7A/7B  Religion - 7th grade has been buzzing with joy and positivity in the first days back!  We will take that and integrate it into looking at different types of prayer and why we pray.  We will then make our own 7th grade prayer.  Math sees us learn how to use our resources and learn about the different strategies to solve mathematical problems that we will see through out the year using all mathematical practices.  Language Arts - Welcome back! This week we are focusing on getting to know one another, while also learning the importance of 7th Grade. Students will begin formal instruction mid-week.  Social Studies – We will walk through our textbook and identify what we already know and what we want to learn during the 7th grade units this school year.  Science - Students will begin to explore the processes necessary for plant life to thrive.

8A Religion – We will be participating in some 'growth experiences' to understand our current relationship with God. We’ll also take an 8th grade Religion pretest.  Language Arts - Welcome back to another exciting year at Saint Peter's! This week we are focusing on getting to know one another, while also looking into the High School Application process. Students will begin formal instruction mid-week.  Social Studies - We’ll be looking at concept maps we made at the end of 7th grade and start to place US History events in the order they took place.  Science - Students will begin to explore what makes all the matter in the world.





Complete the Safe Environment Training on Shield the Vulnerable by Friday, September 29, 2017, and receive 6 parent hours towards your St. Peter’s Parent Participation time!  Your Certificate of Completion is then valid for 3 years!

Please follow these instructions to complete the Safe Environment Training:

  • Go to www.shieldthevulnerable.org

  • Click “First time signup”

  • On drop-down menu, choose “Catholic Diocese”

  • Select “San Francisco Archdiocese”

  • For “Type of User,” choose ADULT.  Then click Continue.

  • You will be directed to an information page.  Fill out the personal information requested.

  • Click “Next.”  There will be a drop-down menu.  Type--choose “Elementary School.”

  • Next “Location,”  choose “San Francisco”

  • Select School, choose “St. Peter”

  • For Primary position, choose “Parent”

  • You will be directed to a summary page to verify your information.

  • Next, you may begin the online course!

When you have completed the course, submit your certificate to the office by Friday, September 29, and receive your 6 hours of Parent Participation.





August 30             Back-to-School Night,

                                 6:00-8:00 PM

September 1           All school forms due

September 1           Opening School Year Mass, 

                                8:30 AM                 

September 4           No School – Labor Day   


September 5-15      STAR Testing Window