Que Pasa May 24, 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to Mrs. Jimenez, Sr. Marian Rose, Ms. Avila, Mrs. Marissa Gonzalez, the altar server, readers, choir and all the many helpers for the wonderful Family Mass and reception on Saturday. Also thank you to Mr. Molina (Angely 4th) who did a wonderful job of cleaning up the front of the school on Florida Street. Thank you to Mrs. Jimenez, Ms. Martinez and the parent group for their hard work on the nacho sale.

 Archbishop Cordileone will visit St. Peter’s School on Thursday, June 1st. He will celebrate Mass and then visit with the students and faculty. Also please join us on Sunday, June 18th at 10:00 AM when Archbishop Cordileone will celebrate Mass at St. Peter for the parish.

 All registration payments for 2017-2018 are now past due. The remaining balance was due April 14th. If you paid the deposit your space was only guaranteed up through April 14th. Please come to the office and make your final payment.



May:  Serve

I will live by the example of Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy by caring and praying for those in need.  I will care for the environment and all of God’s creation. I will share my time, talents, and gifts to make the world a better place.



A St. Peter Student will use prior knowledge to solve problems and continue scaffolding through the acquisition of knowledge.



It is time to order your yearbook! This year our yearbook is full of pictures of the many events and celebrations we have during the year. Having a yearbook is a wonderful way to remember your teachers, classmates, and special friends. The cost is $25.



In our efforts to get all students to school on time, we will continue to give rewards for the children that are not late to school. If your child has no tardies during the month of May, he/she can have a free dress on June 6th.



The application for the 2017-2018 school year is available for new students.  Please encourage friends, family, and co-workers to stop by the school for a tour and to pick up an application. Student Shadow Days:  Students in Grades 1-7 can spend a day at St. Peter’s to meet teachers and students.  Any day of the week is available, Monday-Friday. Call the office at (415) 647-8662 to arrange a shadow date. If you have a new Kindergartener or know someone who is interested, please call the office for information.



The Kindergarten end of year celebration will be held on June 7th at 9:30 AM. This is the last day of school for Kindergarten and their dismissal will be at 11:00 AM.



We will be taking applications here at St. Peter’s for the BVCC Summer Camp. The Director will be picking up applications on a daily basis. If you need assistance with paying for the camp please call the number provided for you on the flyer. The camp includes breakfast, snack and lunch at no extra cost.



Wyatt Baldago 3rd               Juan Galvez 6B

Ms. Avila 5º                        Luisana Morales Mondoy 8A

Luis Flores 6A                    Kassandra Navarrete 8B



In 2nd – Second grade will be measuring using standard and non-standard units, comparing and contrasting stories, creating collages of fair and unfair actions, and talking about how Jesus is fair with everyone.


In 3rd – Third grade is continuing their investigation on Owls. The owl pellets have been very exciting. We are also continuing to pray and sing to Mary every morning during the month of May. We sing Las Mañanitas every Tuesday and Thursday. Please feel free to join us any day of the week at about 8:30 AM.


In 5th – In Religion this week, we will continue to analyze the meaning of the Lord's Prayer.  In Science, we will be learning more about chemical reactions in our investigations, and describe what a precipitate and reactant are.



Science 6: Students are headed deeper into space and exploring the rest of the solar system! 7: Students are reviewing their knowledge of organ systems as they prepare to show what they know. 8: Students are reviewing what they know about waves as they prepare to test on these forms of energy transmission.

8th Grade Religion: Students are preparing for their Unit 5 final exam this week, which will assess their knowledge of the Works of Mercy and the pivotal changes made by Vatican Council II. Students are also working on their Confirmation Cross as they prepare for their final Sacrament of Initiation next week. 6B ELA: We have begun reading our final novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry. We are looking at the criteria that distinguish a utopian society versus a dystopian society and analyzing the social context of the novel's setting. 7th Grade ELA: We have begun our third and final novel, The Outsiders, by Lois Lowry. We are looking at the character traits of each of the groups and analyzing the main conflict between the greasers and the Socs.


8th Grade Language Arts: Students have finished Of Mice and Men. They will now participate in a Final Exam based on the novel's last chapter. Did George make the right decision when he killed Lennie? Was he helping a friend or getting rid of a burden? 8th Grade Event Reminder: Pinning Mass will take place on Friday, May 26 at 8:30 AM. Students must bring their gowns and wear formal attire according to the guidelines for graduation. Families are welcome to attend. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Martinez or Mrs. Fresnoza. 6th Grade Language Arts: Students have ended their reading on The Giver. They will complete a My Memory Book Project to capture the meaning of memories and the important role it plays in the novel. What memories, both positive and/or negative, shape who you are today?


Sixth Grade Social Studies is studying the four types of Government in Ancient Greece and learning about Democracy! 7th Grade students are working on timeline skills by comparing which events were taking place in Europe and in the Americas between the years 1400-1600. 8th Grade students are taking their final exams this week and will end the week watching the movie Lincoln to learn more about the United States' 16th President.



May 26th                Pinning Mass 8:30 AM

May 29th                No School – Memorial Day

May 31st                 8th Grade Awards 9:00 AM

                               8th Grade Confirmation Practice 6:00 PM

June 1st                  Archbishop Cordileone Visit

                               8th Grade Confirmation Practice 6:00 PM

June 2nd                8th Grade Graduation Mass 9:30 AM

                               8th Grade Reception after Mass

                              8th Grade Graduation 5:00 PM

June 3rd                  Confirmation 10:00 AM Church