second grade at St. Peter's

The Program

Second grade consists of English Language Arts (reading, writing, listening and speaking), Mathematics, Social Studies, Religion, Technology, Physical Education, Art and Science. Students are exposed to a wide variety of literary texts and genres. They learn to add and subtract three-digit numbers with regrouping, tell time, multiply, count money, place value, solve word problems, understand geometric shapes and measurement.

Students learn about heroes, saints, map making, and African American history. Through hands-on experiments, they learn the differences between liquids and solids. Students who desire to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist can do so.



Mrs. Nichole Schusteritsch

Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Schusteritsch received her bachelor's degree in communicative disorders as well as her multiple subjects teaching credential from San Francisco State University. She began working with children while in college as a swimming instructor and speech therapy aide and has been working with them ever since. She worked as an assistant teacher at San Francisco Schoolhouse and as a substitute teacher at San Francisco Friends School prior to joining the faculty at St. Peter’s.


Sr. Lucy Calvillo, RSM

Teacher's Aide

Sr. Lucy Calvillo, RSM was born and raised in St. Peter's Parish. She attended St. Peter's beginning in preschool all the way through high school (at the former St. Peter’s Academy). Sr. Lucy has her master’s degree in education and taught at St. Peter's for 32 years. She is now retired and volunteers daily in the first- and second-grade classrooms. It is her pleasure to help the children at St. Peter's learn and grow.


Activities & Field Trips

First Communion and Reconciliation

Students who desire to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist prepare for these by reading Bible stories, completing Blest are We workbook activities and visiting St. Peter’s Church. They learn about the Catholic sacraments and traditions as well as basic teachings of the Church.

Becoming Independent Readers

Students are exposed to a wide variety of genres, texts and materials to get them excited about reading. We visit the school library to check out books weekly and students can also choose and read books from our own classroom library.

Math Centers

Students participate in centers for a variety of subjects to reinforce concepts they are learning. This is a fun way to learn adding and subtracting, geometric shapes, telling time, money, measurement, multiplication, grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary words and more.