"Without your guidance, I would have never known about my high school, or be prepared to be accepted, or be the person I am today."

Kathy, an alumni of St. Peter's School, is a senior in high school and has just been accepted to college. She wanted to share her thanks with all of you for supporting her family through the years. She is pictured here with her younger sister who is still attending St. Peter's School.

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March 2018

It has been such an exciting year here at St. Peter’s. New kindergarteners, new leadership, new approaches – all that foster the longtime legacy of Mercy - the love, compassion, and encouragement felt by students past and present, at St. Peter’s Catholic School. It is with your help and support that the school remains open and accessible for Mission district children, like Kathy V, whom we heard from recently.

Dear St. Peter’s Family and Friends,
I graduated from St. Peter’s in 2014 and am now a high school senior ready to graduate in May. Thank you to EVERYONE who supports St. Peter’s, who worked there while I was a student, and who are there now as my little sister finishes 6th grade.
Please know that I owe so much to this school. Without your guidance, I would have never known about my high school, or be prepared to be accepted, or be the person I am today. Also understand that my sister, our cousins, and their friends see me as a role model, and by my example can see the possibilities for themselves.
In the fall I will be on my way to college. So far I have gotten into three schools out of the 10 that I have applied to - Sonoma State, Duquesne University and Notre Dame De Namur. My plan is to major in criminology with a minor in Psychology.
While I don't know exactly where I will go to college, I do know that I will be where I need to be because St. Peter's taught me to have faith.
With love,

Your donations for tuition assistance, scholarships, and special gifts helped to make St. Peter’s an affordable choice for Kathy’s parents, so they could give their daughters the invaluable gift of a Catholic education.

Established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1878, St. Peter’s has the longest continuous history of any parish elementary school in the San Francisco Archdiocese. Annually, between 250-275 students ll our buildings with a joy of learning and care for one another. It is due to the commitment we have to serving families of the Mission District, and the generous support of alumni and friends, that we can offer our families a high quality Catholic education at the lowest tuition rate of any school in the entire San Francisco Archdiocese.

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With deep appreciation,

Sandra Jimenez                    Sr. Marian Rose Power RSM
Principal                                 Advisory board member

P.S. During this Lenten Season, you and your loved ones are remembered in the loving prayers and acts of the St. Peter’s family.