Fifth Grade at St. Peter's

The Program

Fifth grade is a time for preparation for the transition into middle school. Throughout the year, there is an emphasis on personal responsibility for all school work and school behavior. In Religion, studying and living the Beatitudes provide guidelines on how students show respect for God, others, and themselves. Across all subject areas—Math, Language Arts, Science, History, and Religion—fifth graders learn to consider and share other perspectives, think critically about historical and current events, solve problems in multiple ways, and communicate their ideas clearly.




Ms. Emily Storms


We're thrilled to have Ms. Storms join the St. Peter's staff this year! She comes to us from Washington D.C. where she taught middle school social studies and religion. In addition to teaching 5th grade and 6th grade science at St. Peter’s, Ms. Storms will also be assisting with Student Council and overseeing the school's communication efforts. Ms. Storms has her B.A. in Communications & Political Science from Loyola University Chicago and her M.Ed. from the University of Notre Dame.


Activities and Field Trips

United States Government

Students examine the origins of the present system of US government and make connections between our history and the present day. Fifth graders learn how the three branches of government have a system of checks and balances and take part in a student Congress, where they simulate the process of passing a law. Students understand that they can take an active role in their community and their government.

literature circles

As part of the Language Arts curriculum, students participate in Literature Circles. They read novels, discuss what they've discovered and predicted, while building vocabulary, making text-to-life connections, and researching information to support a claim.

Science Explorations

Students actively investigate scientific principles through the use of FOSS Science. In one unit, students enjoy hands-on small group Investigations to explore properties of mixtures and solutions, while another unit challenges students to understand human body systems. In science, regular connections are made with math, history, and language arts. Fifth graders also take part in an annual field trip to the Academy of Sciences.